What Do I Do with This ADSL Optus Modem?

Hey guys,

Last year I got Optus ADSL2+ as my internet provider, paid the initial setup fee bla bla and they sent me an NBN-ready ADSL2 Wifi Modem.
Anyway long story short, I had internet drop outs and they couldn't fix it so I cancelled within the cooling-off.

I still have this modem brand new and sealed, I've emailed them twice and got no response.
What can I do with it? I cant just bin it - can it be sold?


  • Give it to bikies

    • dylo are you fascinated by bikies or something?
      You seem to refer them in every one of your comments..

      • Plot-twist: dylo is a bikie, and he's just trawling for business here…

  • Nuke it from orbit, it is the only way to be sure.

  • Put it on Freecycle.

  • Try to sell in Gumtree

  • If you know a bit about hacking, I have heard it is possible inject login details for another ADSL2+ provider into these modems and therefore reuse them.

    • +1


    • So you saying this cannot be used anywhere else because it's pre-set?
      Whatabout to another optus customer?

      • What model is it? Look it up. It may be nothing more than a preset which can be overridden.

        • OK ill do that today - good idea

      • Line 1: Correct.

        Line 2: Username/NBN-box/login/something details.

        I have an NBN/DSL modem/router with all details locked in with UN/Password unavailable to get in to change them. The publicly posted cracks don't work in mine. I also have dumped their NBN for inability to provide acceptable NBN speeds.

  • Place the modem in a cool dry storage area out of direct sunlight. Leave for 3 months or until you observe instructions from Optus.

    Upon 3 months, the modem should have matured and then you can vacuum seal for longer-term storage or cut up into smaller chunks for use in dishes like pasta, or just as wedges to be served with crackers and fruits.

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