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OMO 5kg Varieties (Ultimate, Normal, Sensitive) $22 ($4.40/kg) at Big W

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Reasonably good price for probably the best washing powder - always highly rated by Choice.

Still a little more expensive than Aldi's Trimat (which comes close to OMO in Choice survey), but if you want to spend the extra on the real thing, now is the time.

Normally $30 for a 5kg box.

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  • Normally $30 for a 5kg box.

    Only at Coles and Woolies
    It’s normally cheaper at Big W

    • +1

      Well Big W says 'save $8' so I assume $30 is their normal price also?

  • -5

    I buy Coles brand.

    • +4

      Ok, thanks for letting us know..

  • +1

    I normally get the 2kg boxes when they are half price. Costs me 60c/kg more but saves me a hernia lol

    • You can't lift 5kg?

      • +1

        Lol I can lift 5kg but it's just awkward most of the time as I have only one hand or a few fingers free.

        • as I have only one hand

          Workplace accident?

        • @jv: Sssh don't ask if the other hand is in a pocket. ;)

          But seriously, Chatswood Aldi has 5 kg Trimat for $15 which is a better deal.

        • @greenpossum: haha I was going to say my hand was occupied elsewhere but that would've been even worse :P

  • Ultimate is a scam, get the Normal one.

    • Care to elaborate?

      • Older Choice tests had OMO "Normal" as the best laundry detergent, performing better than even "Ultimate".

        Ultimate (and only Ultimate) then started to have instructions to use 1.5 scoops (rather than 1) for a normal wash. Since then Choice (who follow the manufacturer instructions) has moved Ultimate above Normal.

        So Ultimate may possibly be better, depending on your point of view, but you will need to use 50% more. Based on the same amount though, normal apparently is better.

        • Thanks, will stick with the Normal one and head over to Coles for the special on the 2kg packs beginning Wednesday.

        • touch of comfort is the best and cheapest per wash when half price

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