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Perth to London Status Run from $723 Return on Etihad via Flightscout/Skyscanner (Sept-Nov, Mar-Apr 2019)


Stunning Etihad Airways sale to London from $723 Return from Perth, stops vary in MEL/AUH/DUB but the price is right! The cheapest one is only worth it for a status run, but other slightly higher ones are more sensible for a holiday.

Plenty of cheap combinations in September, plus some other slightly higher ones at other times in the next few months.

Etihad has won World's Leading Airline at least 7 times in the past 10 years at the WTA awards, and is excellent in economy, from our experience of them, at least.

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Note: The cheapest flights for $723 only allows 9 hours at your destination, but there are others at slightly higher prices for better length of time than just doing a status run

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    Maybe I'm doing something wrong….
    It says
    "1 night", 2 nights only…..

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      Yep, $723 flight arrives Sept 20 at 7:30AM, then flies out again at 4 in the afternoon. Skyscanner. I mean it's cheap but also expensive for only a 9 hour stay. Next most expensive is $763 with the same times.

      This deal is a bit misleading. Any reasonable time like 7 days, the fares start at $949.


      Would appreciate some help And hints please

  • +3 votes

    Fly all the way for a 9 hr stop
    No one in the right mind would do that
    Misleading price

  • +4 votes

    THIS IS PERFECT I can go to a meeting I organised in Croydon and then fly back home all in the one day!

  • +2 votes

    Dodgy no deal

  • +4 votes

    "Note: The cheap flights for $723 only allows 9 hours at your destination."

    Sorry but this is farcical. Next level buffoonery if you will. Airfares for any reasonable duration (1 week) are almost a quarter of a grand more expensive. Hard to view this as anything other than cynical clickbait advertising.

  • +5 votes

    Spend longer on the plane then at your destination..

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    If you combine this deal (and ignore all the negative comments about 9 hours at the destination for a minute) with

    • Doing some shopping at the other end to buy stuff you've already identified is cheaper or that you simply cannot get here in Australia
    • Take advantage of the GST rebate on the way out
    • Stock up on duty free alcohol on the way back in

    And focus on the status run part of it which is the primary point as per the subject line..

    It isn't for a holiday folks.. it's for a status run. You ideally want your status run to be as short in term as possible because the only reason you're doing the flight at all is to keep status or try to make the next level.. heck if they gave you a 2 hour turnaround at the other end you'd probably be even happier.

    For the person who talked about having a meeting (I assume as humour) - you actually could do this. Organize a legitimate set of face 2 face meetings, do some business development or attend a seminar and this would be a reasonable business trip..

    • -1 vote

      For any A-hole doing this just for the 'status' - one return flight to Europe creates a similar amount of Co2 as a year of driving. I would hope at the least you'd buy carbon credits to cover that. The cost of that varies wildly depending on which site you buy them from (I saw from US$35-225). Personally, I think it should be a mandatory inclusion in all airfares.


        Thought provoking! Thanks :) I offset that neg for you anyway!

        • +2 votes

          Well, it might seem all 'nagging eco warrier', but it's a bit more significant than one plastic bag either way isn't it? I had a holiday in France in June and the airline (Thai) or booking site didn't have the carbon offset option, so I went hunting for how to do it myself. That's when you find there's a rough agreement on how much Co2 is produced, but very different costs to offset it. I went middle of the road and bunged on a bit more to cover my use in other areas too. Got it from an Australian site:


          They plant trees, which seems a bit of a namby pamby approach, but I suppose it works. Meanwhile, of course, probably three times what they plant is being pulled down elsewhere - can't win.

        • +1 vote

          @wfdTamar: can't win but can lose slower? :)


      Prefer to spend even less time at the destination? Whats the appeal of status if you don't care for travelling in the first place? I think paying slightly more for a weekend in London would be worth it! I find if you're not earning the status through your normal flying behavior then perhaps your not going to get the most value out of status anyway?

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    In case anyone's interested, I think I've worked out the mileages on the cheap flight for status credit earn:

    40 SC on PER-AUH
    30 SC on AUH-LHR
    I can't work out LHR-DUB but assume DUB-AUH is another 30 SC and then AUH-PER is 40 SC

    So you're looking at around 140 SC (and perhaps 150 all up) for around $800 and what appears to be about 4 days of travel..

    If the flight wasn't very full on the long haul legs that might be worth it… and of course this is much easier if you already live in Perth..


    Ans what's a status run? If it just means bragging rights, if people realise what you've done it's sure to backfire and make you look a fool.


      It's usually where frequent flyers are coming up to their annual renewal period and are x points short. So they're looking to do as cheap a way of quickly earning enough status to push them over their threshold before expiry date.

      Some of the best in Australia are detailed at https://www.australianfrequentflyer.com.au/community/threads... - but they do change frequently depending on specials and the like.

      A contractor i know flew to melbourne and back one evening, as it got him to Platinum which meant a year of great lounges and more chances of upgrades. He flies a lot, so worth it.

      • -1 vote

        In other words, superficial people burning down forests so they can sit in a nicer lounge.

        • +1 vote

          I don't really understand this. The flight is going anyway, whether you are on it or not. Does the CO2 emitted by the additional (marginal) weight of one extra passenger on that flight really equal a year of regular driving?


          @xyron: Any time you fly you desecrate all over the planet. There's no two ways about that. Now there are legitimate reasons for travel but doing so to upgrade lounge access privileges isn't one of them. All due respect but an individual would have to be wrapped pretty tightly in a cocoon of their own self relevance and importance to view it any other way. "The plane flies anyway" justification is beyond witless.



          So are you saying that if no one books these cheap flights the plane won't fly anyway?

          Seems legit.


    Nice use of time to earn a status..

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