Did Samsung Just Spend 1 Year Developing a PEN??

Anyone watched Samsung unpack event last night? Just wasted 11 minutes of my life watching the summarized version of it. For those who haven't watched it and would like to know what's new in Note 9, allow me to save you 11 minutes of your life.

  1. New Stylus S pen allows you to take selfie photo.

You are welcome.



    oz took 10 years to get a working submarine in the water - a very noisy one. It cost way more.

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    Ignoring the Note 9 and new Smart Watch?

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    What did you want the Note 9 to do? Wipe your arse like a Xiaomi Toilet Seat? :D

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      For $1499 - $1799, it better do wipe, wash, dry and kiss my arse.

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        Noone's got a gun to your head forcing you to shell out for it. I mean, go save yourself some money and buy that Xiaomi Toilet Seat instead.

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    Slightly larger screen
    Faster chipset
    More ram (for the 512GB variant)
    More storage
    The pen now has Bluetooth and can act as a remote control for multiple apps
    larger battery

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      +1 … bigger price tag.

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        Yeah the price is insane.


          Overall, its not much better than/practically same as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Exynos).

          The NOTE series used to be priced equal to the S-flagships, but that ended after the NOTE 4. Starting with the Note6 they've always demanded a premium, and the price never quite dropped as fast either. I can see a lot of people getting a S9+ instead of the Note9, just like how most people forgo the Note8 for the earlier released (and cheaper!) S8+ last year.

          I guess Samsung was wise to release the Note9 earlier this year, to beat Apple to the bank this year.

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          I guess Samsung was wise to release the Note9 earlier this year, to beat Apple to the bank this year.

          The last time Samsung tried to beat Apple on launch was Note 7, I think it went quite well. :P


      Bragging rights.


    Reading about the Note 9 it does seem to have several decent features.
    I haven't seen the presentation myself but there's definitely more than just the upgraded pen.
    I suppose they wanted to promote the main unique feature of the phone, which is what they should do IMO.


    Wait few months time and optus will release a $79 plan with 2 year contract with 30GB with a 128Gb note 9


    Yes, they spent one whole year designing just the pen. It's not that simple to just design a phone and start manufacturing it. They don't just plop a new cpu where the old cpu was and call it a day. At the end of the day no one's forcing you to buy it, don't like the price, don't buy it. Hopefully they'll drop the price because it is getting pretty crazy how expensive phones are.


    The new 10s for a few phones are coming up soon.. They are all saving the actual changes for that.

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    Funnily enough, the Note 9 is still weaker than the iPhone 8/8+/X on benchmark scores; Samsung have had two phone releases (S9/S9+ and Note 9) since the Apple offerings and are still behind despite having much more powerful specs on paper. Sadly, the gap will widen even further with the new iPhones coming next month.

    Samsung can only throw so much RAM into a phone before they run out of space (without it becoming too thick) or becoming too expensive for higher density memory. Samsung can also only put in chipsets with a given clock speed before thermal throttling becomes a major concern (see: Apple's 2018 MacBook 'Pro' i9 throttling to the i7 performance levels for a similar situation). Meanwhile, the fact that Apple has lower 'on paper specs' for individual components but performs much better on benchmark scores means that they have much more 'room' for growth whilst Samsung and other Android devices are limited. It's part and parcel of having an in-house developed hardware and OS (Apple) compared to having a very generic OS provided to dozens of manufacturers and thus poorly optimised. Imagine if Apple released an iPhone with the same component specs as Samsung; luckily they won't, since they can trickle upgrades for more profit, but that's also lucky for Samsung since they're struggling to innovate, even in the 'easy' area of spec bumps.


      Hi Tim,

      Didn't know you were an Ozbargain member !

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        Even if I were Mr.Cook or Mr.Jobs, as per your post prior to the ninja-edit, it wouldn’t affect the truthfulness of what I stated:

        The iPhone 8/8+/X is scores higher on bench tests than the S9/S9+/Note 9 - Fact
        These iPhones have weaker component specs than the listed Samsung’s - Fact
        An OS made in-house and in conjunction with hardware teams yields greater optimisation than outsourcing OS - Fact

        The closest thing to speculation is my allegation that Apple tend to hold back features in order to yield greater profitability across multiple product iterations. Ironically, I imagine the claim you may hold to be “most true” is the only inherently non-factual claim that I made.

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          • “Couldn’t give a rats”
          • Replying to my comment

          Not part of this debate at all (haven't read the rest of what you guys have said), but to be fair, he said "couldn't give a rats whether Samsung or Apple is the best" - not that he "couldn't give a rats about what you had to say". If he had said the latter, what you said would make sense.


          I'm using the website, and this thread, as it's intended. For what reason are you using it?

          I'm here to get bargains and just stir the pot a little, looks like I got you to bite :D

          Its a public forum mate, don't take things too seriously…

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