Flight Centre Lowest Airfare Guarantee

Flight Centre seem to have quietly removed this from their website in recent months, but if you ask them they still price beat.

Does anybody have a link to the actual Lowest Airfare Guarantee terms and conditions?

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    as far as i know they dont actively advertise any more.

    BUt they do price match with website like bestjet, Aunt Betty etc.

    JD is the rep here and he can help you

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    Wouldn’t trust them after putting up ads like this: https://i.imgur.com/0sCrzYP.jpg

    That doesn’t include flights, it’s accommodation only, which you may not expect from the ‘FLIGHT’ centre with 'travel' dates and Hawaiian Airlines logo there…

    "Airfare not included" is a footnote right at the bottom after the long small tiny print text which you can barely see due to frame.

    Don't like scummy practises like that.


      Would you trust webjet, bestjet to book flight more or FC with many physical branch more?

      they are scummy but as ozbargainer you wont get scam by them.

      You just need them to do price match.

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        To be honest, having a physical shop doesn't make them any more trustworthy for me. If you had an issue with an online order and went in, they'd defer you to customer services anyway.

        Personally, I have been quite happy booking with Aunt Betty. They're a sister company to Flight Centre but have a slick reliable website and pretty much always the cheapest deal around. Never had an issue with them.

        Flight Centre will always beat Aunt Betty quote by $1 I was told but not worth the effort getting someone else to order it, rather do it myself online.

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      If I saw that price I wouldn't expect flights to be included anyway, I see no issue.


    Saw an ad about this during the AFL match last night, I guess you need to pay for the privilege now?


    Be careful. Of the $49 charge they deceptively. Added to my flight once they quoted.

    Their justification was "oh its policy" and "oh we're not allowed to remove it"

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