Unlimited 4G Data in WA?

Does this exist? Our home connection is adsl2+ and spread between five people you'd have better luck using dial-up so I was wondering if I could get any unlimited 4g data plans but none seem to exist?



    Does it need to be unlimited? If you know how much you are going to use, you could find a suitable plan?


      No not really. In a way I only need it for gaming. So far I've seen one from telstra for 200 and that's just way, way too much. Thing is that I don't really know how much data gaming takes.


        You should be able to log into your ADSL account and see how much you've used over the past month, etc.


    Optus has a $90 plan for unlimited with speeds capped at 12Mbps


    Telstra supposedly has a $200 unlimited mobile plan.

    Have you investigated fixed wireless such as Vivid etc?


      No I have not I don't quite understand how that works. Although if I can get it working it does seem cheaper than 4G data. JIMB0 posted one, I don't care about speeds to be honest as long as I can play games and browse the web with it.

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    If you get 4G, let your other family members use that, and use the ADSL yourself for gaming.

    4G might have better speeds than ADSL, but in general, it will have worse latency. And latency is a lot more important than speed for gaming.

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