Which UHD TV to Buy? Very Confused. Budget $1500

Hello all,

Looking for a UHD TV in the $1500 range. Willing to stretch to $1800 MAX, but not more than that. Would prefer if it is between 49-55".

Based on initial research I want to stick to Sony or Samsung. Was told to avoid IPS/LPS, as it is not suitable for TVs. Also learnt that I should go for local dimming or direct lit over Edge-Lit.

Will be using to watch TV shows & Movies and may be some Youtube videos. No gaming at all.

Any input is much appreciated!

Thank you!



    I'm currently looking at the Sony 55X9000F. It's around 1800 at the moment on the Bing Lee eBay sale.
    If you're willing to wait until later in the year, should be able to negotiate that price elsewhere


    Buy what your eyes please. Visual perception is different in every human. Note: Nothing on air in UHD. Generally some Chinese brands are also worth considering. Got to try them also when you are tired and tilt your head 45 degrees both ways and move it slowly in a diagonal direction. Just in case if you are hyperactive some cheap sets will then exhibit flicker making you more tired. Alos consider your company, if just 2 a curved screen might immerse you better into a movie but scare extra visitors away if you do not give them centre stage.


    I had a 49' Sony Bravia about 3 years ago, had a terrible time recording and watching recorded tv. The tv sometimes did not record things giving me an error after the fact so I missed a few two many footy games. And when trying to fastforward through commercials sometimes a big menu showing the FF/play would take over 1/3 of the screen, a big nuisance. We had purchased a 3 year warranty and before it was up I had had enough of missing my recordings and called it in. Eventually they agreed it was not a fixable issue (after replacing the main board in it) and I exchanged it along with a couple hundred dollars more for a Panasonic (which will record 2 channels at the same time or let you watch one while the other is recording) with another extended warranty. I am loving my 55' Panasonic Tv - It has a great picture on it.

    But what payless69 said is very true, the TV and picture is personal perception. What is pleasing to your eyes!