Fast LTE Modems/Hot Spots - Why So few an so Slow?

Disclaimer I am not in Oz right now and have signed up to an unlimited mobile internet plan on a network that supposedly support 600mbps.

I am currently using a Note 3 LTE cat4 as the hotspot for home internet. So I am now in search of some decent upgrade to a proper 4g modem and maybe router.

To my surprise, most of them are only cat4, cat6 and beyond are few and far between, restricted to a couple of more expensive netgears and huaweis.

So what gives? We already have plenty of cat12, cat16 phones around, so why not modems.



    Look into the netgear 810s and NETGEAR Nighthawk® M1


    NBN stand for: Nothing Bloody Nothing! Just been to Bali and their 4G network is quite satisfying compared to average Oz networks.


    Whelp. Thanks for the suggestions. Ended up going for a second hand 810s because everyone else only sells cat4 modems. Would have liked to have gigabit Ethernet, but it'll have to do.

    Getting 130mbits in a built up area so that's good considering I only maxed at 50 with my galaxy note3.

    I might need to take it out for a spin to see if it can reach about 290mbit which I think is the realistic max here.

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