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I am going overseas to the US for two weeks the first time at the end of the month, which is exciting not only for that reason but because it will be the first time I am flying on actual proper planes going to somewhere interesting, and not Rex Saab 340s.

I have paid for my flights with my BankSA Amplify Platinum card, which means I am eligible for the travel insurance provided through that. However, my natural paranoia is now kicking in and I am wondering if it's actually any good? I've read the PDS and it seems fine (the main concerns for me were medical costs overseas if I get ill\injured and hire car excess coverage, both of which it appears to cover sufficiently, and the other coverage appears to be fine as well should I need it)

I have looked into paid travel insurance through other providers (Cover2Go, TID, 1Cover, World2Cover, RAA, Allianz (who underwrite the BankSA policy) to name but a few), and they all seemed to have similar levels of coverage to the BankSA included coverage, but most had a $0 excess options (which was appealing) vs. the $250 excess with the BankSA travel insurance. However, I am also thinking that the normal insurance bet against yourself rule applies if I do buy separate travel insurance and end up not claiming on it if everything goes smoothly.

So, I guess I am asking in a very wordy way - has anyone had any experiences with the BankSA\St George\Bank of Melbourne travel insurance, and what was it like? (I did call them to just confirm my flight arrangements would qualify for the insurance and got onto an Australian human being pretty quick which appeared to be a good sign) And what other travel insurance companies would be worth looking at that I may have missed if it is worth buying seperate travel insurance?

Thank you 🧡



    I used to have a card with them, a separate insurance company handles the insurance, same company as ANZ ( may have changed since last year). I only made a claim for lost baggage though, got paid out for what I claimed, no Problems.


      Yeah, St George group, along with Westpac, changed to Allianz from QBE last year (from what I can tell, if St George Group and Westpac's platinum card policies aren't identical, they're nearly identical).

      Apparently ANZ changed in April from QBE to Allianz as well, but their policy has some different inclusions and limits.

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