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[PC] World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth $59 @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems to be cheapest price and you can pickup today even though it doesn't release until tomorrow.
Amazon is same price but you obviously won't get it until tomorrow/Wednesday
$70 @ EB Games (lol)

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  • Must resist……

    • Me too! I haven't played in ages but I don't know if my old PC can handle it :(

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        The system requirements for Battle for Azeroth were updated with the deprecation of DX9 and addition of DX12.

        Minimum requirements are:

        • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
        • CPU: Intel Core i5-760 or AMD FX-8100 or better
        • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 2GB, AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB or Intel HD Graphics 530 (Desktop)
        • RAM: 4GB of RAM (8GB for Intel HD Graphics 530)

        Recommended requirements are:

        • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
        • CPU: Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD FX-8310 or better
        • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 4GB or AMD Radeon R9 280 or better
        • RAM: 8GB of RAM

        One thing to keep in mind is that WoW still isn't very well multi-threaded just by nature of how old the engine is. You're going to see slow-down in areas like Dalaran City pretty much regardless of the kind of hardware you throw at it. They have at least made some effort in making some use of available graphics hardware by doing things like significantly pushing out draw distances in Legion.

      • Find potato, jam any old CPU into said potato, plug monitor, keyboard, mouse in potato. Boom, you can now play WoW.

        Seriously though, I used to play on a mid tier, sub $800 laptop from 10 years ago, I'm sure you'll be fine.

        • Until you start hard core raiding and people start yelling at you for being .2 seconds slower to react due to your pc. :-)

    • I've been clean for almost 4 years! (I quit after i got my 10 year statue lol) So I feel your pain!

  • $70 @ EB Games (lol)

    To be fair, $69.95 is retail.

    • I have noticed in general EBGames is significantly more expensive than JB-Hifi in most things. The occasional sale items (it's always sale there?) might be about on par but generally it's quite a lot more.

      • They always will be since JBHIFI has other products that make up their losses from games.

        EB will always price match though.

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    The content unlocks at 8:00 AM AEST tomorrow.

    If you're new to WoW, you no longer need to buy the game and a subscription separately. Simply creating an account and buying either a recurring subscription or 30/90/180 days of game time is enough to give you access to all of the previous content up to and including World of Warcraft: Legion, which covers levels 1-110. Battle for Azeroth adds further content and levels 111-120.

    BFA also includes a level 110 character boost which gives you a character that can jump straight into the BFA story. You can either boost a character from scratch, or use it on an existing character if you're returning to the game.

    • I'm trying to decide what class to boost.

      • Apart from the original release, this will be the first time I did not get a Collectors Edition version. Feels strange not doing it but I also feel like an addict that has kicked their habit. :-)

        • The Collectors Editions have been getting progressively worse so makes sense. Sure the coin is nice (will be on eBay soon enough) but the rest is just digital items.

          Edit: GOT MINE!!! https://imgur.com/f7SNwNv

        • As someone who spent way too much money on CE's, I admire you. I have Ubisoft to thank for me quitting the addiction. They wanted at minimum $1000 for all the CE editions put together for Watch Dogs 2. There was no single edition that had everything. You had to buy 3 "collectors editions" to actually get the complete set.

          Thanks Ubi!

        • @Dagmar: I got the Ghost Recon Wildlands CE just for that really cool skull and headset.

      • If you're looking primarily to DPS, the only classes I'd recommend against boosting would be shaman and priest. By Blizzard's own admission, enhancement shaman, elemental shaman, and shadow priest were among the specs that they "ran out of time" to implement the changes they had in mind for 8.0 and so those classes will instead see their changes in the first major patch (8.1). In other words, those specs are completely up in the air as to whether they'll play anything like they do currently.

        Outside of simply playing the different classes to decide what to boost, you can use the class trial feature to get a bit of a feel for each class.

      • Have been playing all legion and still unsure which class to main….

        Warlock is apparently the most changed and fun at the moment, always in demand due to summoning stone and health candies
        Hunter easiest to play
        Tanks always in demand
        Healers always in demand

        I'm thinking Demon hunter for tank offspec and gliding from high places, no flying in BFA for at least 3+ months post launch whilst content steadily releases

        • If you're keen on mythic+ dungeons, demon hunter is a fairly good class to choose. Vengeance demon hunter is arguably one of the top tier mythic+ tank specs thanks to its mobility and utility, and havoc demon hunter is a very simple spec to pick up and play.

          Rogues are looking to be very powerful as well across the board, both in mythic+ as well as in raids. Monks too, with brewmaster being quite a strong tanking spec in general thanks to their innate damage smoothing.

          I'm personally going to continue maining my ret/prot paladin and see how things pan out at L120 after the loss of Legion legendary items and Antorus set gear.

    • You still need to buy the latest expansion and game time separately though.

  • To this day it still amazes me how much they charge for expacs on top of subs….

    Sure, I'll end up signing up again, but not until the price comes down a lot more.

    • How much is it in gold these days? Used to be 35k per month when I last played (about 16 months ago) on Dath'Remar.

      • Current WoW token price is 184,000g

        • DAMN, I think I still have about 1.2m in my account. That is sooooo not going to support my gaming anymore if I decided to get back.

        • @danielh: Yep, went to check the other day and all it says is "not enough gold"… Guess I spent it all before I quit last time! 😂

        • @danielh: I think it's a lot easier to make gold now though so you can still get a free sub if you play enough

        • That'll pull back a little further early in launch, may even drop below 170k, as per the dynamics of what happened for Legion launch (peak WoD value was something like 50k, but you could grab the token for 35k post-Legion launch).

          The game has mechanisms for providing you with a fair bit of raw gold, so if you're happy to spend 5 minutes every day or so, you can theoretically pay for sub using 2-4 max level characters, usually from your mobile.

          If you're an altoholic, you can pay for the expansions, another account, and other Battle.net games as you play through an expansion.

    • There's a significant amount of new content & updates that is constantly being produced so it makes sense. The cost per entertainment value is quite low if you consider it that way. It's the price of 1-2 cinema tickets for a year+ worth of content and 2 coffees for a month's subscription. Really not much at all.

      • You're either paying too much for coffee or have found a great loophole for subs….. 😂

        • I don't drink coffee personally but in London it's about £3-4 a cup. A monthly WoW subscription is about £8 so there or thereabouts.

        • @Hybroid: Bloody hell.. Coffees here are $4-5 and WOW subs about $20 after conversion. 😑

  • Comes with 110 boost and can be picked up instore without online purchase for the same price.

  • They're selling copies in store today?

  • Who Horde here mates

    • For the Horde!

    • JBT represent

    • I haven't played in a few years but isn't the oceanic region alliance dominated? Or has it even'd up a bit now?

      If i remember correctly frostmourne was one of the highest pop servers in the game and it was heavily alliance favored. The faction pop was insanely unbalanced.

      • I don't think faction numbers really count anymore since its all balanced with cross realm stuff anyway.

        • It counts if you are in a PVP server and don't like getting ganked every three minutes. :-)

          I can't handle that sort of hard core play which is why I used to only play on the PVE Dath'Remar server.

        • @danielh: PvP is disabled by default across all realms now and you need to opt in.

        • @Jamiea: Wow, goes to show how long it had been since I last played. That decision must have helped load balancing a lot for the WOW infrastructure guys. I remember the days when we would all get excited about hearing about some new blade being installed in their server for better performance etc.

          I gotta say that the phasing they introduced a few years back was one of the best decisions they made as it really made and will be especially good given the rush to harvest, auction and basically speed through all the new content in the next few weeks.

    • FOR THE KING!!!

      • 🔥 Selling cheap firewood straight from Teldrassil! Get it while it's hot! 🔥

  • Cheers, just got 2 copies for my wife and myself. Just recently resubbed after our usual 1+ year break from the game, it's always fun to come back to Azeroth for a little visit when an expansion rolls in though.

    • Damn hope you made it through the pre-BFA questline in darkshore!

      Not sure if the undercity bat/hippogryph mount is still obtainable now

  • Why haven't they made a 4th installment of warcraft(Or 5th if wow counts as the 4th) to continue the story?? I actually liked the story when I played warcraft 3……wish there was more to it…….

    • +1 vote

      the story continues in Wow, the game has changed from an RTS to an MMO but the lore continues to progress.

      • Oh well I don't want to pay a subscription…..because I'm a cheapskate……

        What about the story before warcraft 3? I saw the movie, (which everyone by the way apparently thought was crap, but I thought it was good) does that suffice as a prequel to the game? Or is there more content I should be after to get everything?

        the game has changed from an RTS to an MMO

        Yeah I wouldn't mind the next installment be a first person or third person RPG with some action and adventure elements similar to the MMO WoW that isn't subscription based…..not all that great at RTS's unless it's turn based but even then I might get outsmarted by a computer player….hahahaha

  • nice.. hope to pick this up soon. Anyone play this game casually? most of my friends have quit and am looking to make new friends. i like doing pvp and bgs.i play horde on barthilas.

  • Just received an email from JB -

    Thanks for ordering “WoW: Battle for Azeroth” through JB Hi-Fi Online!
    Great news by pre-ordering Wow: Battle for Azeroth your also eligible for $20 off a Razer Naga Trinity MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse.

    $20 discount is calculated off the current ticket or promotional price.
    Limit of 1 unit per customer.
    This coupon code is unique and can only be used once.
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    Offer valid from 15/8/18 to 21/8/18

    If anyone would like the coupon, send me a message. It's unique so it can only be used once.

  • price back up to $69?

  • It used to be that it was hard to get a WOW Collectors Edition but even a few days after release I can see that I can get one from many JB Hi-FI stores still.

    It's $144 and it doesn't contain the usual mouse mast the previous CE's used to have. Still tempting to get purely because I have all the other ones but I stopped playing over a year ago and…MUST RESIST STILL!!!!

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