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Hikvision Ezviz C3C Series 720P Camera Clearance Sale $62.95 Delivered @ StarnetOnline


Ezviz C3C Wifi Camera $56
Ezviz C3C POE Camera $56

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  • Are these suitable for external use, not covered?

    • hey

      yes they are outdoor water and dustproof camera IP66.

      • thanks…

        Any 'independant' reviews on these?

        • you can try to google it, or you can drop by my office to have a look before purchase, and pm me for address.

  • What nvr do you recommend?

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      this camera can work standalone, so you need to insert a micro SD card into the camera. Alternatively, you can buy a Ezviz NVR or other NVR (but it needs to be ONVIF NVR). Alternatively, you can download a Ezviz Studio application from Ezviz website, and start to view and store the video on a computer.

      • can it be setup to upload on some cloud service and does it have any in-built battery or has to be hard-wired?

        • do you mean cloud storage, Ezviz does not have cloud storage service at the moment. it is not battery camera and need a power source.

        • @ozhappiness: I meant to any provided cloud-service (i.e. dropbox, google drive and the like), so practically save files online, just in case the camera / memory card is stolen - there is some videos left…

          How long is the power-cable which comes with the camera?

        • @Ametric:

          no, it does not allow to save to these cloud service, and the length of the cable is around 1.5m from power adapter, and another 20cm from camera itself, so total of 1.7m in length approximately.

        • @ozhappiness: Thank you!

        • +1


          my pleasure, and you are welcome to drop by the shop at mt waverley.

      • Thanks got one, does this record audio?

        Also you say i can download app and store on computer, does it do that through wifi? Doesnt need additiinal cabling right.

        • the c3c does not record audio.

          For computer use, you need to go to www.ezvizlife.com and download a application named "Ezviz Studio", then install and log into your account, then you need to key in the verification code (from Camera label) when first connect, then you should be able to view it and store somewhere on your computer.

  • What're the differences between the Ezviz C3C Wifi Camera and Ezviz Outdoor Husky Air C3W 720p Wifi Camera? Other then prices. Thanks

    • C3C Wifi camera with 4.0mm lense, but husky air c3w has 2.8mm lense, but C3C poe camera with 2.8mm lense.

      C3W has a new feature of its siren and flashing light.

      • Thank you. I did note the siren and flashing light on C3W.

        I assume the optional WiFi module is included with the C3C WiFi price of $56? Just not very clear in the description. Also, 4.0mm lens means it can capture more light or has a wider angle of view? Thanks

        • yes, the c3c has two model, one is POE with 2.8mm lens, the wifi c3c is 4.0mm lense. In general, the 2.8mm lense has a wider angle than 4.0mm lens.

        • @ozhappiness:

          In general, the 2.8mm lense has a wider angle than 4.0mm lens.

          Why do you say 'In general'?

          So it usually does, but sometimes it doesn't ?

        • @jv:

          what i mean here, there are so many brand of cameras, and it might has a difference between two brands. so if you compare 2.8mm lens and 4.0mm lens within ezviz brand, then the 2.8mm will have a wider angle.

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    Doesn't seem to be a supported model for use with QNAP


    • just confirmed with my supplier, it does not support, sorry

      • OK. thanks.

  • Thumbs up their delivery service is top notch. Ordered and delivery of item happened within 2 days! Happy camper

    • Many thanks

  • How is the Ezviz C3C Wifi Camera powered?

    • it comes with a 12v power pack for wifi, POE one, you can get power through network cable.

  • Hi OP, could you please recommend an alternative that is 1080p, battery-operated and has local storage (no DVR needed)?

    • Ezviz has a new camera with battery-powered, and i have not got them yet, the internal battery is rechargable and can last for 6 months as it described, but it may vary in different situation.

  • Hi, do these work ok with the HIKVision HiWatch NVR's?

    • yes it will, it is ONVIF camera.

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    Your website is awful when viewed on a phone.

    • sorry about this, please pm me the prob of it, and i will change it. thanks for your feedback.

    • Display in desktop mode and it's a lot better

  • sorry about this, please pm me the prob of it, and i will change it. thanks for your feedback.

  • What about for Synology Surveillance Station… not listed as a compatible device? https://www.synology.com/en-global/compatibility/camera?bran...

    • i just used that website, and it seems it only compatible with c2 mini camera, but not others.

  • Backdoor still included?

  • Any chance of a deal/same price on the Husky c3w?

    • c3w 720p is on cost price, even below.

  • +1

    i need 4 hd camera with 1 tb NVR ( wired cemera )

  • i need 4 hd camera with 1 tb NVR ( wired cemera ) 2sets

    • if you want 4 hd camera, then you can either get c3c or c3w, they are both can be wifi or wired, and i have ezviz nvr with 1tb hdd.

  • +1

    Also interested in 4 cameras, ezvir nvr with 1tb hdd or 2tb hdd.

    1. Quality differences between 720p and 1080p? How much difference…
    2. Which one is better wifi or wired?

    I am looking for a bargain but willing to pay the extra $$$ to get better quality that will last me years…

    • if you can drop by to my office and have a look the cameras that already installed.

  • Will it work with Dahua NVR's?

    • yes, as long as the NVR is Onvif compatiable.

  • Is Hikvision associated with People's Liberation Army and sending data recordings from your camera back to China?

    • i did read some article about this, but i do not think it is that bad, otherwise it wont be in the Au market for now, and it is getting popular.

  • Just wondering what price is the optional POE connection, and does the unit come with a power adaptor if so can you detach the power adapter and place it through a hole in the brick wall?

    Thanks in advance

    • C3C 720p POE is $56 for now, and it still comes with Power Adapter, but you do not need power adapter as you can draw power from POE port.please call me if you could not figure this out.

  • hey all,

    For those buyer who bought the POE camera, the camera still comes with a separate power adapter, and it is American type plug, but you do not need the power adapter, as you can draw power from the POE port.

    warm regards


  • Can you set these things up without an account?

    • do u mean connect the camera to a local storage?

      if so, i am afraid not.

      • Thanks for that. Should have asked before purchasing. I need a camera that I can log into and setup without internet.

  • Can i have this recording from indside the house looking out from a window?

    • yes you can, but it will have some reflection from glass when Infrared is on.

  • Hi, is the Husky Air C3W support PoE? Thanks

  • Are these cameras compatible with Google Assistant?

    They're not listed on this page, but I don't know if that's just because it's an older model.


    • let me check this, and get back to you.

    • hey

      yes it will compatiable, but only support on/off command.