Best Soundbar for TV?

Any recommendations for good soundbar for TV for watching movies as well as for music….Bose Sonos …..


  • I just got the one in the link below from JB a few weeks ago and am blown away so far, but it's pricey. Couldn't do wired speakers with a small child.

    Really depends on your budget as to what you get.

    • +1

      Yeah good choice, one of the few soundbars that support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

      I think I would still go with the LG SK10Y though. It has more and real upward firing speakers.

    • Looks good

  • Vague question…. do you want to spend $100, $1000 …..

    • Are there any worthwhile soundbars at the $100 end of the market?

      • I bought a bauhn soundbar from Aldi for $80. I'm quite happy with the quality and use the Bluetooth a lot to listen to music

        • Their TVs need it, worse sound.

  • Using Sonos Playbase at this moment and very happy with it. Prior to Sonos I was using Philips and Yamaha 5.1, But the ease of setup and sound quality of Palybase (even without a Sub) is really good. Highly recommended.

    • Any idea about Sonos beam plus 2 Sonos 1 ???

  • Bought a Yamaha soundbar ages ago (YAS something or other).

    Does the job and the feature I like is that it has a IR passthrough so there's no problem if the soundbar is blocking the TVs IR receiver.

    If we get another one I'll definitely look for this feature (unless I start mounting TVs on the wall).

  • how is the Bose 300
    saw it on the Myer catalogue $999

    Is it a good sound bar?
    Can I do better on the price eg Myer 20% off ebay sale etc, given I am not in a hurry