TopCashBack US - Thoughts ?

I have been using CashRewards for a while now.
I've heard about TopCashBack and recently looked into them and noticing that they have better rates compared to CashRewards.
So I just want to know how it works and if it is better.
The main concern I have is that the cashback will most likely be in USD.
Will the conversion rate back to AUD make the overall returns less than using CashRewards?

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TopCashback US
TopCashback US



    You withdraw in USD to PayPal and then withdraw from PayPal to your bank account in AUD, or keep the USD in your paypal and use it for a purchase in USD. You might lose 2 or 3% of your withdrawal due to bad Paypal conversion rate from USD to AUD, however last time I withdrew the rate was actually alright. In any case it's nothing to put you off using it if you find something on Topcashback with say 5% vs other places 4%. If you purchase $100 you get $5 back compared to $4 back elsewhere, even if you lose 3% on that $5 withdrawal that's only $0.15, so you are still well ahead with $4.85 vs $4. However if the rates are the same as AU cashback sites then best to keep using them.