Will Car Insurance Claim for Vandalism Be Effected by Non Disclosure of Demerit Points?

Hey all, I have comprehensive insurance on my vehicle. I now realise that I may have left off oldish demerit points for texting in my car when I purchased insurance.

My car was keyed in a public car park. There are witnesses and photographic evidence. I certainly wasn't driving and was no where near my vehicle. The police officer assigned is out of the office for at least a week.

Does anyone know if this non disclosure is likely to affect my claim?

The damage is in excess of $2000. I have not yet notified the insurance company of the damage.

Thanks all.


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    Um, i don't think they consider demerit points. Only disqualifications of licence - license?


    They can't deny your claim based on the non-disclosure of your demerit points since it has no impact on your current situation.

    Had you had a "moving" incident, you'd probably be screwed.

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      Sure they can.

      They can simply say that if he had known about the demerit points, they would not have given you insurance in the first place.


        The insurer would have to show that they would not have accepted the risk had the demerit points been disclosed at the time the policy commencement.

        And that's assuming there was question about demerit points in the original application. They usually now ask about suspensions and disqualification.


    Here's what I'm thinking could happen. They claim that if I had disclosed the demerits they would have charged more. For example, if I'm paying $500, they say they would have charged me $1000. Therefore they might say they are only covering $1000 of my $2000 claim. Meaning they pro rate it.

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    They don’t care about demerit points unless they specifically asked you and you said “no”.


      Go to your insurer's webpage, logout, and "apply" for the same insurance you have
      If they don't ask about demerits then you should be OK


        I think they all ask. I'll try this though

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          RACQ didn't ask me anything about demerits when I got a quote this week for Comprehensive, only

          • at fault crashes in last 3 years
          • suspensions in last 3 years
          • age and the like

          solid proof would be in your insurance's T&C document
          look for something like

          you must ..
          you must tell us if
          we may reduce or not pay your claim if
          your insurance is void if


          We changed companies last year and they didn't ask about demerit points. Only past claims or disqualifications. If they harassed EVERYONE who had lost a couple of demerit points then they wouldn't have many customers left.

          And WTH were you texting while driving in the first place? If it was THAT important then pull over to the side of the road and do it there where you aren't likley to kill someone. (sorry, some things I have no tolerance for)


          I was stopped at a light for a long time and checked an incoming text from my kid who I was on the way to pick up. The cop came up on a motorcycle and tapped my window. Sorry this disturbs you.


          @voteoften: You completely deserved the fine. A windshield holder is about $15.

          Did you need to reply to your kid that badly ?

          Insurance companies usually only care about suspensions for points or a DUI. You’re higher risk to them if you’ve done that.

          If it’s a speeding ticket or using the phone while driving ticket it isn’t serious enough.


    Just submit a claim. You’ll probably be fine.

    Although, what is your excess? It might be better financially to get a cash job done without a claim.

    Either way, get your insurance sorted out quickly so you don’t need to worry about it any more.


    curious, what does the car keyed looked like to cause over $2000 damage?


      Doesn't take much, a line along the side of the car. Maybe a bit on the bonnet.


      Doesn't take much, generally a small scratch that is deep needs the entire panel to be sanded back, and repainted. Not just one spot.


      Four doors. A mature aged Asian lady according to the witnesses. The last demographic I would have suspected., or one of the last.

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