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GEHTO Australian Brand GA-75 Polarised Sunglasses $22 (RRP $44) + Free Shipping @ GEHTO


GEHTO® - 100% Australian Owned Brand.
GA-75 Polarised Sports Retro Sunglasses.

With strong, flexible and durable TR-90 frame coupled with Polycarbonate lens available in 4 different lens colour.

Features silicone nose and side grips that keep the frames steady in all conditions.

Polycarbonate Lens - Scratch Resistant - Polarised - UV 400 - Cat 3 – Good Sunglare Protection - TR-90 Flexible Frames - Choice of 4 Lens Colours - GEHTO logo embossed case and microfibre cleaning cloth included.

All GEHTO brand sunglasses meet or exceed Australian standard AS/NZS 1067:2016 for sunglasses and fashion eyewear.

GEHTO® is a registered trademark in Australia.

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  • +16 votes

    50% off RRP Was $44

    No it wasn't…

    It's been 29.95 for at least since July….

    26% off in the title would be less misleading

  • how do we choose colour

  • +8 votes

    GEHTO® is a registered trademark

    "On a cold and gray Chicago mornin'…"

  • 22 US dollars= 31AUD on my PayPal checkout

  • +8 votes

    OP where are these sunglasses actually manufactured please?

    Also why does the title for your Australian Brand, designed in Australia and registered in Australia show prices in a foreign currency?

    • -1 vote

      Manufactured in Hong Kong by our specs and to Australian standards. One day hope to manufacture here at competitive prices. Currency should be fixed now, was in US dollars. Thanks.

      • -1 vote

        Your title still shows …

        Was $44 Now $22

        … your 'edit' button is between 'view' and 'revisions'.

      • So that means you set the RRP

        Tell me, when did you (if ever) last sell these for $44?

        • -2 votes

          Yes, i set the rrp because i am the owner. Sold everyday, GEHTO is becoming a popular brand. $44 by the way is with free postage plus protective case and cleaning cloth. All good quality. Thanks.

    • CHINA

  • "GEHTO® is a registered trademark in Australia"

    Think you were pretty safe here, don't think anybody was going to swoop in and steal that gem of a company name


      why? it's a cool name.

      • +5 votes

        It means "Cow dung" in Fijian.


          GEHTO has no meaning. Like most popular brands have no meaning and the reason they are able to become a registered trademarks. Thanks.

        • +5 votes


          GEHTO has no meaning.

          Maybe in English, but in Fijian it means "Cow dung"…

      • +5 votes

        With all due respect I suggest that may not be so because it sounds and looks like 'ghetto'. You may be aware an authentic ghetto was a designated city area where Jews were compelled to reside and required authorisation to work elsewhere but also had to return before curfew.

        • You may be aware an authentic ghetto was a designated city area where Jews were compelled to reside

          Rep considers that 'cool' I believe…

        • @jv: The title price is still in a foreign currency for Australia's largest buying community.


          I'm sorry, should be good now.

        • @robroscob: No, your title is still not amended. Your 'edit' button is between 'view' and 'revisions'.


          @PJC: Hello PJC, not exactly sure what you mean, been a long day for me.

        • -1 vote

          @robroscob: At the top of this page your title is …

          GEHTO® Australian Brand GA-75 Polarised Sunglasses Free OZ Wide Shipping 50% off RRP Was $44 Now $22

          … which you subsequently clarified is a foreign currency and you kept declaring it was fixed. The price needs to be Australian currency and you can amend your title after pressing the 'edit' button directly below it.

        • @jv:
          Fraser Anning endorses this trademark I believe…

  • Value of $2


    They are good quality. Thanks.

  • Is it supposed to be $22 USD or AUD? Because PayPal says USD.

    —Edit: Looks fixed now. Cheers.

  • -1 vote

    OP this is getting even more confusing. Not only does your title still show $22 (apparently US$22) but your product page now shows 27.50$ and near the bottom it says CURRENCY - $ USD below which is confirmed All prices are in USD unless noted otherwise


      omg..I'm sure it's ok now. Try clearing your browser. Thanks for the help by the way. I really do need to sort this or go back to using site again. Will mark this 'out of stock' if i cant resolve it soon. Thanks again.

  • +12 votes

    What a shambles.

    I feel bad seeing a rep drop a deal on here sometimes, can get savage lol
    But then I reminds myself, this ain't a community for free advertising….

  • +6 votes

    The bogan drug dealer look.

  • +5 votes

    Do anyone besides meth heads wear these glasses?

  • Lol this is a great Monday morning read

  • Don't let the trolls get you down. That's a really good price for polarised sunnies and you obviously try to genuinely take feedback onboard to improve your online store. Hope to see you back with more deals if the business takes off.

    • +1 vote

      Thanks mate, i really needed that encouragement.
      Sales are going well for this deal.
      And i'm not going to let the haters stop me from constantly improving the brand and it's assets. Thanks again.

    • Not seeing any genuine attempt to take on feedback. Despite clearly breaking the laws of this land + being intentionally misleading, he has still not fixed the title. All he had to do was remove the word "was" and it would have taken away the misleading aspect (even if still technically in breech of the ACCC ruling).


        Feedback from where? What are you even talking about? I will answer any question.
        How is it misleading? Ok….It isn't 'was' it still 'is' the rrp in stores.
        This is an online special limited to ozbargain at this price. Which part do you still not get?

        • I will answer any question.

          Here is one you did not answer:-

          So please name some Australian stockists. I suppose 6 or 7 would suffice.


          @PJC: No, that info is confidential because i am protecting my retailers. This is online. Not retail store price.

        • @robroscob: Is your eBay listing protecting them? Google finds no stockists of your product and some expired Gumtree adverts.


          @PJC: Ebay is online. Gumtree is online…Boutique stores my friend. It's where most 'start ups' wholesale to or consign to when starting out.
          GEHTO brand is only a little over 12 months old AND BOOMING thanks to people like you. Cheers mate.

        • @robroscob: Your eyewear distributor finds boutiques lacking online presence? Have I got that right?


          @PJC: No, i approached them. I got off my backside and out from behind my keyboard and made it happen and NO! sorry but i am not about to disclose business information to you or anyone else to then call up that particular store and say stupid things about MY brand and remain anonymous like you are now.
          Thanks, have a fantastic day.

          Lots still left guys. Posting orders daily. Thanks.

        • @robroscob: If you found your own stockists what did your eyewear distributor do?


          @PJC: Do you have a question relative to this listing? Or are you just wondering how business works perhaps?
          I did some ground work in my local area and i have contacts in the business both personal and business contacts that i won't be revealing here nor should i.

        • +1 vote

          It's just a matter of reassurance. You see this …

          We have an eyewear distributor that takes care of that.

          … is not that …

          No, i approached them. I got off my backside and out from behind my keyboard and made it happen …

          … and you and Google still provide no evidence these sunglasses sold for $44. Earlier today your link confirmed prices were in US$ which is extraordinary as you confirm they were selling daily. Naming a few stockists would hardly be unusual and prospective shoppers may appreciate opportunity to assess before purchasing online. They could also view the remainder of your range omitted by your website.


          @PJC: Me and Google? haha…Who are you inspector morse?
          Actually they were $44.95 AUD on the website and i don't need to give you evidence of anything to do with how i run my business, my prices, my contacts, my sales channels, retailers or anything else.

          It's quite simple, if you don't like the $22 price tag then don't purchase.

          Thanks to all that have purchased btw.

  • Any difference than this product

  • +2 votes

    Totally different design and size. Also a big factor in styles Chinese sellers have is the lens / frame height tends to be smaller.
    Overall lens including frame on our model GA-75 is 52mm (not huge but medium - large).
    The model you are referring to there seems to be only 44mm in height. Bigger sizes are in fashion at the moment.
    Also frame on that other model seems to be plain plastic ours is tr-90 made from thermoplastic that is lightweight, flexible and wont splinter if you fall on the frame, get hit by a soccer ball etc.
    But without inspecting those other glasses i do not want to judge other peoples products. Hope that helps. Thanks.

  • +1 vote

    We don't really glorify the ghetto here, wrong market buddy, you would have better luck private labeling this crap to tradies. They look like my old safety goggles.

    • Don't buy them then. Gee what's the big deal about the name… I reckon it's a great play on words. I guess you'd never eat a Golden Gaytime ice-cream either cos of the name.

  • Geez the comment section is a joke.

    Everyone is having a go.

    It's a good deal. Why all the hate?

    • +2 votes

      Thank you. Seems they are promoting the listing even more by the amount of sales we are getting.

  • Good to hold the rep accountable but I think he's being reasonable. Like who the hell pays rrp?

    • +1 vote

      They are RRP in lots of stores.

      Associated OP will not name one and Google cannot find one.

      • He's given an explanation as to why not so why does he need to justify it any further? Can't believe the amount of crap dished out to this guy who's just trying to offer a bargain and has politely answered all the crap directed towards him. I hope all the I's are dotted and T's crossed in his title or God help him.

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