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30% off Thorfire C8S Kit $27.99 and TG06S Kit $23.58 + $5.99 Delivery (or Free with Prime) @ Thorfire Amazon AU


Seeing as how quickly last sale for the C8S lasted, Thorfire has let me know that they are back in stock and a new promo is added. This time they also have a 14500/AA flashlight which seems quite popular within OzBargain community.


  • Flashlight Bundle: Great for daily use, jogging, cycling, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting etc.
  • Ultra Bright Led Flashlight: Gives out MAX 900LM on High, MIN 0.5LM on Moonlight.Runs on 1x 18650 battery batteries (included).
  • 5 modes: Moonlight/Low/Mid/High/Strobe with memory. Click to turn on/off, tab to change modes.
  • Safe: Built-in PCB protection board enable?Charger have over charger protection, short circuit protection and reverse connect protection.
  • Rechargeable 18650 Battery and Charger: Come with rechargeable 3000 mAh 18650 Lithium battery and battery charger to save your money

C8S Reviews from Candlepowerforums

TG06S: Available here

  • The light utilize CREE XPG2-R5 Led and gives out max 500 lumens when powered by 14500 rechargeable battery.
  • The light comes with 14500 button top battery and charger. Battery charger has over charging protection, short circuit protection and reverse connect protection.
  • TG06S is compatible with a single, common AA battery, which is easily accessible anywhere.
    5 Modes: High(500LM) - Middle(200LM) - Low(50LM) - Moonlight (1LM ) and hidden Strobe for daily different applications; You could also reverse the clip to make it a cap light

TG06S Reviews from Candlepowerforums

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  • Thanks OP, but another "discount". The same discount now occurring with such regular monotony that this mob's "bargain" price is starting to lack any credibility. Bit like a shop that has a "SALE" sign permanently on it's front window!
    Now the BLF Q8 for $39.10, that was a real and proper discounted bargain.

  • OP let us know if the Q8 comes back on special please!

    • They have told me that the Q8 was not meant to be $39 as it was not supposed to be on both lightning sale as well as with the promo code at the time. Hence $58 is likely the cheapest it will be.

  • Very disappointed! I asked Thorfire specifically (via Amazon) if they could offer OzB a bare bones TG06 for a good price (ie no battery/other crap) - for those here who bought various cheap 1AA/14500 torches and 14500 batteries already, and wanted to upgrade to something decent.

    Was told that they would go on sale later this week - so doubly disappointed that they are selling the kit torch instead and that its the standard level of discount.

    Another vote here for bringing back deals like BLF Q8 for $39.10, C8s for $17, and TG-06 for similar % markdown etc

  • C8s for $24.96 from AliExpress with free shipping.


    "But delivery is faster from Amazon!"

    Yes, but this is OzBargain, not OzIWantItNow.

    "But warranty!"

    On a $1000 phone, sure. On a $20 torch? Really? Not to mention AliExpress are usually pretty good. Sure it may take longer but are you really in such desperate need of a torch?

    • The price you quoted for the C8s for $24.96 from AliExpress, is just for the torch.

      The equivalent deal for the C8s with the accessories (18650 Battery, USB Charger, Bike Light Mount) would be this deal which is currently $32.28 AUD + GST from Aliexpress.

      • I never said it had the kit. TBH the kit is full of cheap shit anyway that is more likely to burn your house down than work.

        • I received my kit a few of days ago and the house is still standing

          For $3 extra it's well worth it for me, if only for the bike mount. Charger quality actually seems pretty good and will be handy for camping as I don't already have a USB charger.

  • Is this the new Eneloop?

  • Is this or the Convoy S2+ better?

    • It's the same host as the convoy c8 with a different, cooler emitter. The S2 is for close up applications. There is no 'better'.

      Also the convoy c8 has different emitters with warmer tints.

  • Just received mine, I have been collecting torches for years and have about 20 now, and this is a very impressive thrower. It is probably into the "to bright for everyday use" category. Fine in a large space eg camping, boating etc, but not around the home. It is also a little tricky to change brightness with a "half press" rather than a hold to move through the brightness levels. If you hit someone in the eyes from close range they will be temporarily blinded (don't let little kids play with it). It is equivalent in brightness to good quality $100+ torches of 2-3 years ago (Fenix, LED lenser, Olight etc)

    Very good cheap super bright long range torch, but only if have another good AA torch with some eneloops for everyday use around the house.

    I bought a bunch of torches like these for $3 for everyday use with eneloops (and to let the kids play with) -

    • LMAO 2000 lumens they claim ? … very doubtful u would reach 300 lumens with that sort of LED.

      • True, it will never get to 2000 lumens, but it is VERY, VERY bright. My brightest light is a Fenix TK75 rated at 2900 lumens that cost me over $220 in 2014 and this little C8S is almost as bright (more throwy less spill)

    • Just received mine too and very happy with it. Mrs didn't quite understand why I bought another torch, and I've one got a few. She still didn't get it when I explained it's 4x the lumens and 1/4 the price of old LL.

      Will definitely try and keep this one from the kids. I have a couple of ultrafire Q5's that they can play with.

      Changing brightness is ok for me, but I do wish it had momentary on.

  • Can i use normal double AA or triple AAA instead of the recharge battery ?

  • Got one, CS8! First thorfire torch and wont be the last. Thanks Op.

  • Amazon said it was due for the 22nd from the last deal, then they said it was due for delivery today, they sent me two emails saying it would arrive today before 8PM, it hasn't. They still say it's arriving today, which I find quite unlikely.

    If it doesn't arrive on Monday they said I'll get a refund, then it'll probably turn up the next day.

  • If anyone is still interested in the basic model Thorfire TG-06 (no battery) for $15 each + GST (ex HK) with free delivery - versus $23.58 for kit offered here, this seller still has 3 left at the present time.

    Best of luck.

    PS Posted here as didnt think the limited quantity remaining wouldn't allow a separate OzB thread.

  • Can you do the same deal again on C8S ?