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27.5" Crest Mountain Bike $99 (RRP $149) @ Kmart


70cm wheels. looks decent. not sure about quality tho.
found this at Kmart Barkly Square around 6-7 in stock

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  • Kmart bike = not a deal.

    • +1 IMO the only OK bike from department stores are some of the Diamondback ones from Big W, and only if you can tighten the bike properly after you bought it. I won't trust the bikes that put together in those stores.

  • $99 bike?? .. or .. $1.999 bike? For a starter bike $99 is fantastic value!!!

    • Nope, completely disagree with this mentality. You're not going to enjoy the hobby of cycling if you have a $99 bike. All you need to spend is $400-500 at a bike shop and get an entry level bike that is put together and set up properly and you'll have a bunch of fun.

      A $99 bike is going to put you off the sport entirely, it'll be sloppy, heavy, slow, and will probably not work for very long.

      • Just to be a voice of dissent but I have a steel beater that's a department store bike that has done over 2k as a short trip around town beater. It's 10 years old now and still rides like a champ. Definitely a bit heavy but it's set up like a mountain bike anyway. There have been a few replacements through the years like a chain and handlebar grips and tyres but really can't complain.

      • i had a 59 dollar bike from bigW ,i ride it everyday ,6 speed shimano and no suspension ,and its been over 4 years now ,the paint job is gone from me abusing it ,but nothing failed on me so far, and to be real i was only expecting a year out of it ,but 4 years still strong, jst wow

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    Nice BSO

  • Hahaha i eas just about to put that deal up , i just bought one and im really happy with it

  • Mate of mine owns a bike shop. Said he often gets people bringing these in because either they cant put them together, they've put them together wrong or something has broken. He hates working on them because they use non standard parts and also because he didnt sell them originally. Hates them basically. Often folks come in wanting some help for them, they went back to KMart etc and either didnt get any help or were just offered a new bike in a box that they didnt know how to assemble. He quotes a lot to fix them and says many people get very upset. Some are hoping he will fix it for free. He quotes maybe $400 to fix a $99 bike and the person gets angry so he tells them see you and Good Luck, take it back to KMart!

    • Anyone who charges $400 to assemble one of these is a thief. Anyways, i don't believe your story. : )

      • That, or his mate is also a plumber or lawyer that happens to also own a bike shop

      • Totally true and the reason he charges $400 is because he doesnt want to do it. he didnt sell the things, he hates them and he doesnt want to work on them., Best case for him the person is upset and leaves with their pile of junk in the boot. If that person is desperate enough to pay he will do it but these are such a pile of junk and so likely to break that he doesnt want any part of the liability for the eventual mess. He would onviously prefer that they buy a decent bike from his shop.

    • And here I am fixing up a neighbourhood's worth of kids bikes in my garage for free. It's even reached the point where I didn't even recognise one of the kids. My son just brought him over because he told him his dad would be happy to take a look at it.

      Yep, I've seen a lot of parts that wouldn't be in any LBS. But they seem to work ok. Definitely much fiddlier than high end stuff, and of a much lower quality but they come out of my garage mechanically sound.

  • Can someone pm jv that this bike comes with 2 pedals?

  • I'm here at Kmart and they are denying tha price. I have the same bike and Same number and they are insisting it was a different colour in clearance , even though it's the same