Vodafone 100% Cashback with Shopback

Hi everyone, just spotted this on the Shopback website/App


It says that it's 100% cashback for 24 and 36 month phone plans, and also for tablets and modems, even the sim only and month to month plans are apparently really discounted. Was wondering if anyone has sucessfully put an order through before I proceed, I'm a little worried haha.

Thanks everyone and goodluck!

Do we just jump on and buy now and ask later? I don't wanna be locked into a full price contract if it's wrong

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ShopBack AU
ShopBack AU



    Excludes taxes, delivery fees or additional costs.
    Cashback paid is based on the percentage of the first months’ rateplan value for postpaid plans
    Cashback is only paid based on the purchase price for Prepaid SIM cards.

    You only get the first month's payment back and are then locked in to another 23 or 35 payments.


    I found this deals last week itself. I asked shopback customer service and they mentioned 100% 1st month cash back. I mean, if you are looking for 24 months deal with A$65/month (x24 = A$1560), yiu will get A$65 cash back after 150days…

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    Hi everyone.
    I have a shopback account and saw that Vodafone has come on with a deal for 100% back?
    This makes no sense to me. I have tried asking both vodafone and shopback to explain it, no real outcome.

    I am in the process of choosing a phone plan and to upgrade my handset. After the iphone XS

    Obviously vodafone isn't going to give you 100% back so it makes no sense!
    Does anyone have any information about this shopback deal ?

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