How Much Did/Would You Spend on a Wedding Band/Ring?

Inspired by this thread, how much did/would you spend on a wedding band/ring? (Feel free to answer for the bride or groom.)

Personally I spent ~$15 on a titanium one. Not a big jewellery wearer and honestly thought I would lose it, but haven't so far!

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  • 10
    < $100
  • 7
    $100 - $500
  • 19
    > $500


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    I voted only after reading your title. I couldn't believe people even considered only paying $100 for a wedding band!! Then I realised.. you're not actually talking about musical band at your wedding… :')

    • Oh! (I've updated title/description to specify wedding ring, thanks!)

  • I need one in a few months, so would love some linked recommendations.


    These guys are great, quality, and cheaper than any bricks and mortar store you would find in Oz

  • Groom's made to order at a local independent shop in 18k white gold, ~$300 8 years ago.

    Bride cheaped out and used same ring for engagement and wedding band, family heirloom.

    [guess which one is me :P]

  • We both got ours from Blue Nile - partner bought two (for symmetry I guess) they were about $700. Mine was about $620 for a platinum one as I like the "heavy" feeling and because platinum is hypoallergenic which helps as I have eczema on my hands.

  • Have a feeling This one will cost you a fair bit more.

  • Tip: Getting a plain gold band is less maintenance. Some of those fancy materials require regular cleaning etc

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    So there are two different polls, one for Engagement Ring, this one for Wedding Ring. Well ours were both the same ring, because anything else just seems silly and unnecessary. You can only wear one at a time anyway.

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