WA Users of Letsbemates / Mate Communicate NBN Experiences?

Hi All,

recently or at least soon to be ex Telecube user (RIP) on FTTP in WA connected to Pinjarra POI.

Digging about for a value plan I have narrowed my shortlist to Mate Communications. for a 50/20 plan. Most of what I have read has been positive but its been a bit challenging finding recent WA experienced users of them. Some users in the main whirlpool thread but not a lot of speed examples talking of overseas. They seem to use Vocus and are moving to a Layer 2 setup through them.

Any horror stories, good stories or at least local stories. From what I have read so far may be the go and still pretty cost effective. I recognize they are not ABB nor Mungi, but at least they dont seem to be Dodo, Exetel or Tangarine.

Thanks in advance for your stories

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  • Just go with AussieBB and get it over and done with. there's the telecube deal for existing customers to transfer to, and probably some more if you're inclined to look, try whirlpool too.


    • This, they really are worth the extra money. Only thing that would make it better is if I got paid to recommend them.

      • Yeh and if they were still running the $20 off promotion I probably would. I really dont need Unlimited and want some kind of responsiveness during WA peak time internationally for gaming. ABB strikes me as being a premium service which is great if thats what you really need. I am looking for the Value point.
        Good service/Good price. I was adequately happy with MyRepublic 100/40 till their price hike. Telecube on 50/20 also did the trick
        Other than a bit of gaming - its just 2 Netflix streams

        • For me the price is worth it just to know that I will actually get the speed I'm paying for, and I won't have to contact support because it just works, all the time. If you do have to call they actually answer the phone and are great. My 50/20 on abb downloads linux isos faster than my 100/40 with mungi. I'm on fttp so line quality isn't an issue.

          Plus I'm pretty sure they are running a deal at the moment with the death of tc

        • @brendanm:
          Having been with MyRepublic, Exetel, Telstra and Telecube (not in that order) - I know I dont really need the speed or unlimited - 500gb is about where the family is at. So I am just looking for a value sweet spot that doesnt loose TCP/UDP packets during peak times and can handle a couple of HD Netflix streams. Mate at least used to have an Australian help centre from what I have read, Whirlpool rep seems to be responsive to the community. They seem to be actively working on their network (working towards Layer 2 - Vocus mainly upstream)

          Still only month to month. So if its balls can still jump ship without too much difficulty.

          I am just trying to find someone actually using them from this side of the country - good or bad experiences.

          $10 isnt a huge amount of money to pay per month extra but its $120 yearly I would rather not have to spend if I dont need to.

  • So reading through the forums more. Mate / Barefoot are the same company - seems as with most Vocus upstream international is the issue.

    Couple of WA users have indicated its been fine but testy with regards overseas content.

    Someone did a lot of analysis and informative work at

    Reposting the main content I liked and found useful updated June 2018

    "Here's is an updated version:

    In Australia there is only a handful of large telcos and the rest will wholesale from those big telcos.

    Vocus network:
    - using overseas call centre – Dodo, iprimus, eftel, Tangarine/More Telecom
    - using local call centre – Leaptel (Layer 2 CVC only), Mungi (Layer 2 CVC & Layer 3), Skymesh (Layer 2), Telecube (Layer 2), Mint Telecom, Barefoot/ Mate telecom, Myrepublic (for backhaul only)
    - using call centre not sure where they are based – Harbour ISP, Telesurf, Logitel, FlipTV

    Optus network:
    - using overseas call centre – Optus, Vodafone (transit only, also uses NTT), , Spintel, Exetel (also uses AAPT backhaul), Activ8me,
    - using local call centre – Mynetfone, Myrepublic (for both ADSL and NBN, local exchange/ POI only)

    AAPT/TPG network:
    – using overseas call centre: TPG, iinet, Internode (keep in mind they still have local people but the trend is towards overseas), AusBBS/ Amaysim (But also have Aussie call centres), Exetel (also uses Optus backhaul)
    - using local call centre: Future Broadband, 10mates (was NBNSP),Teleron, Hello Broadband
    - using call centre not sure where they are based: Boom Broadband

    – using overseas call centre: Telstra, Leaptel (backhaul), Belong (might use Telstra but is NOT Telstra) and Foxtel (wholesale Telstra but use their own network), Exetel (POI only)
    - using local call centre: Aussie Broadband (buys CVC from NBN directly, backhaul only)

    - using local call centre: Nuskope

    Keep in mind that the above information might change as time goes by. I will try to keep it as up-to-date as possible.
    Feel free to tell me/ correct me if I have made a mistake.

    As mentioned in the post by Paul, not all providers will be in the same boat. It's dependent on your provider and their arrangement with their wholesalers.

    As of 24/4/18:
    I would highly recommend providers that DON'T use the Optus network, have Aussie based call centre and have no contract.
    I highly recommend Aussie Broadband, Mungi L2, Leaptel & Future Broadband
    I have included a cheap provider and a quality provider below so you can choose who to go with.

    Low Usage (up to 100GB)
    12mbps: Activ8me/ FuzeNet 100GB $39.99 ($99 connect fee)
    12mbps: Exetel 100GB $39.95 (Peak 11mbps)
    12mbps: DCSI 100GB $40 (Peak 5-12mbps)

    25mbps: DCSI 100GB $45 (Peak 15-25 mbps)
    25mbps: Exetel/ Activ8me/ FuzeNet 100GB $49.99 ($99 connect fee)
    25mbps: Aussie Broadband 100GB $55 (no peak slowdown)

    50mbps: Exetel 100GB $50 (Peak 43mbps) (12 months contract)
    50mbps: Internode 100GB $55 (Peak 41.8mbps) ($203 connection fee)
    50mbps: Activ8me/ FuzeNet 100GB $59.95 ($99 connect fee)
    50mbps: Aussie Broadband 100GB $65 (no peak slowdown)

    100mbps: Exetel 100GB $70 (Peak 83mbps) (12 months contract)
    100mbps: Activ8me/ FuzeNet 100GB $69.95 ($99 connect fee)
    100mbps: Aussie Broadband 100GB $75 (no peak slowdown)

    Mid Usage ( 100GB to 250GB)
    12mbps: Teleron 200GB $45 (12 months contract) Peak 5 to 12mbps
    12mbps: Leaptel 250GB $49.95 (Peak 10mbps) ($50 connect fee)

    25mbps: DCSI 250GB $50 (Peak 15-25mbps)
    25mbps: Aussie Broadband 250GB $61 (no peak slowdown)
    25mbps: Leaptel 250GB $59.95 (Peak 22mbps) ($50 connect fee)
    25mbps: Teleron 200GB $54 (12 months contract) Peak 10 to 25mbps

    50mbps: Aussie Broadband 250GB $69 (no peak slowdown)
    50mbps: Leaptel 250GB $79.95 (Peak 45mbps) ($50 connect fee)
    50mbps: Teleron 200GB $64.50 (12 months contract) Peak 20 to 50mbps

    100mbps: Aussie Broadband 250GB $80 (no peak slowdown)
    100mbps: Teleron 200GB $74.50 (12 months contract) Peak 40 to 100mbps

    High Usage (250GB to 500GB)
    12mbps: Spintel/ Exetel/ Teleron 500GB $49.95 (Spintel $99 connect fee) (Teleron 12 months contract)

    25mbps: Aussie Broadband 500GB $70 (no peak slowdown)
    25mbps: Spintel/ Exetel/ Teleron 500GB $59.95 (Exetel/ Spintel $99 connect fee) (Teleron 12 months contract)

    50mbps: Exetel 500GB $55 (Peak 43mbps) (12 months contract)
    50mbps: Aussie Broadband 500GB $74 (no peak slowdown)
    50mbps: Nuskope $74.95 (Peak 41.8mbps) ($99.95 connect fee)
    50mbps: Internode 500GB $75 (Peak 45.9mbps) ($203 connection fee)
    50mbps: Spintel 500GB $69.95 ($99 connect fee)

    100mbps: Spintel 500GB $74.95 ($99 connect fee)
    100mbps: Exetel 500GB $80 (Peak 83mbps)
    100mbps: Aussie Broadband 500GB $85 (no peak slowdown)

    Very High Usage ( 500GB above, not Unlimited)

    25mbps: Aussie Broadband 1TB $75
    25mbps: Skymesh 1TB/1TB $79.95

    50mbps: Future Broadband 1.25TB $79 ($129 set up, 12 months contract) (Peak 47mbps)
    50mbps: DCSI 1TB $60 (Peak 30-50mbps)
    50mbps: DCSI 2TB $70 (Peak 30-50mbps)
    50mbps: Telstra 1TB $79 (Peak 40 mbps, 24 months contract, $99 connect fee)
    50mbps: Leaptel 1TB $79.95 (Peak 45mbps) ($50 connect fee)
    50mbps: Mint Telecom 1.2TB $79.95 (Peak 30-50mbps) (6 months contract)

    100mbps DCSI 2TB $80 (Peak 60-100 mbps)
    100mbps: Future Broadband 1.25TB $89 ($129 set up, 12 months contract) (Peak 90mbps)
    100mbps: Leaptel 1TB $89.95 (Peak 85mbps) ($50 connect fee)

    Unlimited Usage:
    12mbps: Future Broadband $49 ($129 set up, 12 months contract) (Peak 12mbps)
    12mbps: Exetel $55 (Peak 9mbps) (12 months contract)
    12mbps: Mungi $59.95 (Peak 10mbps)
    12mbps: Leaptel $59.95 (Peak 10mbps) ($50 connect fee)

    25mbps: Hello Broadband $57.95 (Peak 2 – 12mbps) ($49.95 connect fee)
    25mbps: Vodafone $58 (no peak speeds) ($180 modem fee)
    25mbps: Future Broadband $59 ($129 set up, 12 months contract) (Peak 24mbps)
    25mbps: Leaptel $69.95 (Peak 22mbps) ($50 connect fee)

    50mbps: FlipTV $59 (Peak 43mbps)
    50mbps: Exetel $60 (Peak 43mbps) (12 months contract)
    50mbps: Hello Broadband $62.95 (Peak 6 – 25mbps) ($49.95 connect fee)
    50mbps: Mungi $64.95 (Peak 35mbps)
    50mbps: Kogan $65.90 (no peak speed)
    50mbps: Vodafone $69 (no peak speeds) ($180 modem fee)
    50mbps: Infinity $74.90 (Peak 45 – 50mbps)
    50mbps: Aussie Broadband $79 (Peak 45mbps)
    50mbps: Mint Telecom $79.95 (Peak 30-50mbps) (6 months contract)
    50mbps: Nuskope $79.95 (Peak 41.8mbps) ($99.95 connect fee)

    100mbps: Kogan $85.90 (no peak speeds)
    100mbps: Vodafone $89 (no peak speeds) ($180 modem fee)
    100mbps: Infinity Gamer Elite $89.90 (Peak 65 – 100mbps)
    100mbps: Exetel $90 (Peak 83mbps)
    100mbps: TPG $90 (Peak 78.1mbps)
    100mbps: Aussie Broadband $99 (Peak 90mbps)
    100mbps: Future Broadband $99 ($129 set up, 12 months contract) (Peak 90mbps)
    100mbps: Internode $100 ($99 connect fee) (Peak 87.4mbps)
    100mbps: Nuskope $99.95 ($99.95 connect fee) (Peak 78.3mbps)
    100mbps: Future Broadband $109 ($129 set up, 12 months contract) (Peak 90mbps)

    I have added Infinity Telecom. They were recently bought by More Telecom

    I have added Future Broadband /forum-replies.cfm?t=2714475&p=1
    Future Broadband uses AAPT IP-Line
    DCSI: /forum-replies.cfm?t=2726944
    DCSI uses Anycast Access

    I have deleted Telecube and won't add Telecube until they can finalise their pricing. If you want similar pricing, look at DCSI
    I have deleted Mungi 100mbps because it was withdrawn from sale"

    • Cut a long story short I am looking at
      50mbps: DCSI 1TB $60 (Peak 30-50mbps)

      DCSI doesnt just use one upstream provider. from Perth they seem to have a couple of connectionsin train NextDC and QV.1. If I am doing it right they have a looking glass at


      For checking Pings - Should cover off my gaming experience and still let me stream enough.

      • Getting commissioned took only about 2 or 3 hours - they are trying to help by prioritising Telecube users.

        About 10ms slower to Las Vegas than Telecube was. The download at 7pm WAST least to a Melb speed server 42ms 43 47.09down 15.65up

        Route towards the US game server

        1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms Local
        2 5 ms 5 ms 5 ms gi3-19.lan1.phx.au.as58511.net []
        3 41 ms 40 ms 40 ms po10-1104.bdr1.p1.au.as58511.net []
        4 210 ms 208 ms 208 ms ro100.cor1.p1.au.as58511.net []
        5 208 ms 209 ms 208 ms ra1.cor1.qv1.au.as58511.net []
        6 52 ms 52 ms 52 ms te1-0-43.cor1.doo.au.as58511.net []
        7 209 ms 209 ms 285 ms ra4.cor1.sy3.au.as58511.net []
        8 208 ms 208 ms 207 ms ra1.cor2.sy1.au.as58511.net []
        9 209 ms 208 ms 219 ms te2-0-25.cor1.sv1.us.as58511.net []
        10 207 ms 207 ms 207 ms po10-9.bdr1.sv1.us.as58511.net []
        11 210 ms 208 ms 207 ms sjo-b21-link.telia.net []
        12 * * * Request timed out.
        13 222 ms 222 ms 222 ms ae-1-4.bar1.LasVegas1.Level3.net []