OnePlus 5T Screen Repair in Sydney

Anyone know a place that repairs oneplus 5t screens in Sydney for a good price? Thanks


  • How much are you willing to pay?

    • 200

      • For what it's worth I repaired my Oneplus 3T a few months ago for 220 at bankstown, it was the cheapest I could find after ringing around for a couple of days.

        • Do you remember the name of the place?

        • +1

          @wtigers: I'm not 100% but I believe it's ringy dingz, they're in bankstown central. If you ring them ask if they're opposite the Kmart, that's them

        • @Pixel Tricks: I went their they fix oneplus 5t, thanks very much for this

        • @wtigers: no problem, how much was it?

  • A bit offtopic. I broke the screen of my 3T overseas. Couldnt find any indicative prices for Aus, but was hoping Singapore was cheaper than Sydney. Had it fixed in Singapore. It took 45min and cost ca 175. Looks like I won :D

  • I'd avoid ringy dingz if you have a choice. I tried to get my oneplus fixed there recently. They told me I'd have my phone back in 4 hours. Rang them the next day and was told it would be a week and when I tried to get my phone back they refused to return the deposit. Very dishonest service from this company.

    • Dam bro they did you dirty, mine took like 2 days to fix was all sweet

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