Lojel Cubo Luggage Range

Hi, has anyone purchased the lojel cubo luggage range?

I'm looking for a new cabin bag and medium size case, they are quite expensive and I am wondering if they are worth the $$$

Thanks in advance


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    serious question. - if they are quite expensive then why buy them?

    there are so many inexpensive options out there. options that would do the exact same thing. options that will hold your crap whilst you travel for far less $$. options that once scratched and dented will not make you go "oh my, they were so expensive but are now scratched and dented"


    I understand what you are saying but my question was are they worth the $$$

    Does expensive = better quality?

    Wheels less likely to fall off, able to withstand knocks and scratches vs less expensive options?


      from the anecdotal evidence provided in various forum luggage posts/deals asking that very same question (does expensive = more durable/better?) then "No".

      I travel a fair bit. and treat my luggage very roughly. the family size hard case I bought at the HK night market in 2014 for $60 (aside from replacing 2 wheels which died - swapped out with some cut-down skateboard wheels) it has lasted me perfectly for 8 different international trips and 6 domestic trips. that's with frequent moving about, dirt tracks, etc.

      you just need one crappy baggage handler to drop your suitcase at the wrong height and angle to damage a case, wheel, handle etc.