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Adopt A Greyhound Dog - RSPCA Sydney - Reduced Adoption Fees till 4 March 2011


If you're thinking of adopting a dog, think about greyhounds. They may look big and aggressive but they're actually very friendly and easy to train and often lazy: a big couch potato. Just google "greyhound" and you'll see lots of happy greyhound owners. Many greyhound dogs are put to sleep when their racing careers are over, usually around 4-5 years old, so adopting a greyhound is really meaningful. I was googling greyhound adoption and surprisingly found that RSPCA Sydney is having a special on greyhound adoptions (I never knew they have specials on adoptions!), I think the fee is reduced from $300 to $180 till 4 March 2011, Here's is another link: http://rouse-hill-times.whereilive.com.au/news/story/race-in…

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    +1 just for animal!!

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      Price match at office works?

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    You can also adopt greyhounds through the rescue organisation who advertise on gumtree for just the cost of vacc/microchip. Definitely worth spending a bit more through RSPCA though, they need the money.

    There are a LOT of greyhounds for adoption because they're bred for racing and then dumped at the pound if not suitable. Sad really.

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    and I know from experience that the above is true. They're one of the laziest, friendliest breeds you'll ever come across. Just need a bit of space because they'll easily take up your whole 2.5 seater sofa :P

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    Homer? Santa's Little Helper?… +1 for the RSPCA

  • how cute

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    I have a whippet x greyhound, best dogs ever! So tempting to adopt another greyhound, they're so lazy like me lol.

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    Please remember a pet is a friend for life, so think very long and hard because it's a very big and important decision.

  • The info is a bit vague. Red the dog is cheaper, don't know about the rest.

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      it's just adoption fees are down from $300 to $180

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    Whippet, whippet good!

  • Is this for one dog only—> Red?

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      The second link only shows Red in RSPCA Rouse hill because it's from a Rouse hill local paper, but if you look at the first link to RSPCA blog, it says it's for both Yagoona and Rouse hill RSPCA.

      • ok cool!

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    I bought a Rottie and a German Shep x Mastiff back in 2004/05.

    Both were bought for 180 each from RSPCA. Highly recommended place to buy your dogs from ! They have turned out to be beauuuuutiful and part of our family now.

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    I am wary of this, having fostered a greyhound in the past. Greyhounds are very nice dogs and make wonderful pets if they are pets from a very young age but please be aware that many of these ex-racers will have been mistreated and be very unused to human company. Most are not suitable around children. They might also be difficult to handle around other animals, even other large dogs. Please don't fool yourself into thinking that they can be "redeemed" even with the most expert animal behaviourists.

    I am not trying to discourage what is clearly an attempt to right a wrong, but would hate for people to adopt a greyhound without knowing exactly what they are letting themselves in for. I would say a typical ex-racer makes a good pet for adults with no other pets and a large backyard (they are generally very lazy, but require a daily run - and don't think you'll be able to keep up!!).

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      Just seconding everything said here. While I've gotten every dog I've had from the RSPCA, you do need to be aware that some animals from the RSPCA have issues due to previous owners - particularly racing dogs. Unless you've got a run, it's probably a bad idea.

  • If "many greyhound dogs are put to sleep when their racing careers are over", why not just give them away for free? (or very low fees) How much is the pups in the pet shops?

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      Yeah charging fees to save a dogs life sounds very unRSPCA like…

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        un-rspca like? it's entirely rspca like. they've always charged fees to cover their costs (though the tiny fee still doesn't even do that.

        • I'm sure that all the overcharged bills they give to people surely cover their fees along with all the donations they get each year cover the costs alone with out charging people to take a dog that they're more than happy to put down. Sorry but RSPCA completely overcharges considering the donations and funding they get.
          They're costs for pet medical are up to 10x that of Lort Smith, and if your broke that week that your pet needs something RSPCA doesn't give a crap and would rather let your pet suffer than allow a payment plan where as Lort Smith will actually allow you to pay off your pet's medical bill and will treat your pet ASAP.

          But with that said +1 for greyhounds on ozbargain. :)

      • The RSPCA obviously aren't the ones putting them down, it's the owners (what on earth made you think it was the RSPCA doing it anyway?). The RSPCA will be rescuing them and charging adoption fees (I'm not quite sure I agree with it though - a donation would be better but I don't know if people would voluntarily hand over a reasonable amount) to cover their costs of the rescue and the vet fees, kennel fees etc.

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      Probably a number of reasons. It covers the bills that is involved with taking care of the dogs. As well as discourages people who will likely just take the free dog and mistreat it, money means more of a commitment on the part of the owner.

    • It is a very low fee comparatively. Good luck finding any puppy for under 700 in a pet shop, or 1000 if purebred.

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      if the RSPCA gave dogs away for free, we'd be seeing 10% of them going to good homes and the rest would end up dead, let loose, or back at the RSPCA

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        Agree, the RSPCA has to charge something for the animals or else complete fools would go get one for free for fun for a week and then just take them back.

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    I just ordered 25! Recommend A++++++

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      i will attend your races when its ready.

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      Lisa: What's Santa's Little Helper doing to that dog?
      Marge: Uh oh…
      Bart: It looks he's trying to jump over her, but he can't quite make it. Come on, boy, you can do it!

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    NSW law requires that Greyhounds be muzzled when they’re in public areas

    Sounds like a lot of hassle, and says a lot about the mental state of these dogs…

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      Actually it says a lot about how much they're mistreated before becoming pets.

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    yeah i was wondering the same thing about the muzzle, gives the dog a "reputation" but i think it's more a precaution when in public, if the dog chases something(you should always have a dog on a lease in public anyway) it won't harm it

    • +7

      please do not lease dogs to the public.

      • +4

        can he rent them instead?

  • -2

    To be honest I wouldn't like a dog like that….

  • +6

    wow 73 + votes

    wonder how many of us actually went to adopt a greyhound???

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    "can he rent them instead?" no but borrowing a cute dog is a great way to meet chicks!

    to be honest, i would rather 10 people genuinely adopt a dog for life than 100 adopt for a few weeks and then dump them at the pound where they will almost certainly get the death penalty… :(
    ps if these greyhounds were going to be put down anyway, maybe they shouldn't have bred them in the first place!

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      morpheu, nevermind…

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      ps if these greyhounds were going to be put down anyway, maybe they shouldn’t have bred them in the first place!

      WOAH NO WAY.

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    i know there can be lots of $$$ in racing dogs, but can someone tell me what's wrong with the following equation; breeding less greyhounds=putting down less greyhounds!

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      don't support or hate them but

      breeding less greyhounds=putting down less greyhounds!

      = for breeders less $

    • What's wrong with it is that the racers don't care about putting them down. Of every 50 greyhound bred, you'll only get a few that are considered good for racing. It's not right, but that's how it is.

      Equation goes

      Breeding less greyhound = less chance of ending up with a winning racer.

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    Think of them as little horses

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    They'd be almost unbeatable if you entered them in Flyball!

  • -3

    I'm curious as to why people are so impressed by this deal. You're saving $120, which will pay for a couple of weeks worth of food for an animal you'll be keeping for 10+ years.

    • +2

      Yeah, saving a few bucks on the adoption can be completely offset by one visit to the vet. Animals aren't bargains and that's why I won't vote either way on this "deal".

      Why is adopting a greyhound any more noble than adopting any other breed. All could be equally mistreated. For every dog not adopted it's a dog put to death, regardless of the breed. Ultimately it's irresponsible owners, and the industries that spawn these problems that need to change ie. the racing industry, puppy farms, pet stores etc.

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    As someone who's worked at the RSPCA, muzzles are required for greyhounds as they're trained to chase rabbits (especially these former race dogs), and when taken out for a walk; there is very little difference in the animal's eyes between the rabbit they've been trained for years to chase, and say your neighbour's fluffy little maltese. So yes, they do need a muzzle, but no, it's not testament to their aggression or danger as a pet.

    • My sister likes to wear one of those fluffy playboy bunny slippers..

  • One for the doggies! Woo!

  • +1

    Maybe the previous owners need to be charged a recycling fee….$300 for a second hand dog? Tell 'em they're dreaming. You pick 'em up for free* down the local park.

    *if you don't get caught or have to buy sausages to entice them away from the little kids who are playing with them.

  • It ain't nothing but a hound-dog.

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    I'm all for adopting dogs and resucing them from shelters but people really need to stop breeding these ugly ass dogs.

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    How many people here go to greyhound races though? Hopefully none. If less people went to the races, less dogs to be put down for being unsuitable.

    When it comes to animals being used in any way for entertainment I disapprove wholeheartedly.
    The only circus I've ever been to is Cirque du Soleil (no animals in their shows).

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