Looking for Toyota Hilux SR deal

Hey All

Anybody purchased a Toyoto Hilux recently, I want to figure out the best price I can negotiate and online prices are not a good indication. My ute is getting along (5 years and I am going to sell privately soon - 3 to 6 months and maybe upgrade to a lux).

Im looking at a

Toyota Hilux
2018 or 2019 (Whichever is latest)
Dual Cab
No extras
No trade in
No finance
Just a raw buy price

Carsales cheapest is $46,990

I dont want to talk to dealers yet because they try and get too involved in the process and justify their profit margin on the vehicle by their selling process and time spent with you. I know exactly what I want and dont want any 3rd party input, I just need somebody to fill in the order form when the time comes. When Im ready to buy Im just going to call 5 or so dealers and say this is what I want, at this price (something realistic based on the feedback I get here), whoever can do it gets the sale etc.



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    Can't help you with the pricing, but I can help you with this:

    2018 or 2019 (Whichever is latest)

    2019 is later than 2018. ;)

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      Lol sometimes they discontinue the 2018 and release 2019s towards the end of 2018 etc … or they might have left over from the year before and quote you that


    I know exactly what I want and dont want any 3rd party input

    as Shark Tank would say, I'm out.


      Clarifying … By 3rd party input I mean when you walk in and the dealers sales try to ask you a million questions to get more involved in the sales process and then start to point out irrelevant stuff "oh you've got kids? yea this car comes with child locks and child restraint points".

      I would love to get your feedback though :)

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    Walk into a Toyota dealership.

    Tell them what you want.

    Tell them what you want to pay.

    Sign a contract or walk out.



      As a car salesman who's now worked at 3 different Toyota dealerships, I can assure you that none will give you their best price straight off the bat.

      Put an offer in writing. If it gets accepted you've bought a car.

      Guarantee at least 3 of the 5 dealers will say "well currently it's $46,990, what would you like to offer?" or "where do we need to be?". They're not just going to blurt out a $0 deal.

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        Dont you think that is a bit rude to the individual. There has to be a figure where they would realistically entertain it otherwise they'll just walk away. For example if I went in and said, I want to pay 36k for the hilux they will all just shut down and walk away. But Im not sure what figure I can throw out where they will entertain it and come back with a counter but I also wont be paying too much. Example; I have a navara I paid $36k for brand new. They released a new shape since then, new shape is worth $44k right now. All the features are the same and the new shape has been around for a few years now so not like its just popped on the market. I walked in and said I want a new one right now for what I paid last time $36k - Ill sign today and go get a bank cheque. Then 2 out of 2 dealers said no chance see you later. For what is effectively the same car in a different shape. They didnt even say we can give it to you for 42k or 43k. Just a no thank you.

        Thats also why I'm going Toyota lol the Navara was a good car, but im not spending hilux money on it.


          Rude to the individual? Nope. Toyota put it on sale, if you want it cheaper than that you negotiate. It's not difficult to do, and is an awesome life skill to know.

          Why would a dealer offer you the car at cost? What's in it for them? You likely won't finance, won't buy aftercare and will service at your local dealer. So they're making no money off you.

          Last I check businesses need to make money to keep the doors open.

          If you expect them to bend over backwards when you will be going to 4 other dealers, and won't be building any report with anyone, then why bother?



          Rude to the individual? Nope. Toyota put it on sale, if you want it cheaper than that you negotiate. It's not difficult to do, and is an awesome life skill to know.

          Fair enough, you have a point.


    Hilux just got the facelift which also includes a button to do a manual burn of the DPF.

    Still counts as a 2018 model. 2019 won't be complied till January.

    If you're 3-6 months away, what difference do today's prices make? Lol ask this question when you're actually ready to buy!

    Toyotathon ends this month, prices are subject to change next month. And yes, the manufacturers bonuses change meaning our bottom line changes.


      If you're 3-6 months away,

      Only because I just updated my rego for 12 months on existing vehicle so no rush to sell or upgrade, but if the price was sweet, could upgrade anytime


        Define "sweet". It's currently $46,990, what do you want it to be to jump at it now? To sign up today?


          Thats what Im here trying to figure out. What is the sweet spot? if 5 people came and said we bought ours for 50k plus extras and accessories. Then 46990 is a pretty sweet spot. But if 3 people said we paid 43k. That just resets the counter. Ive paid 36k for a Navara. They now wont ever command more than that from me. If the dealer called me tomorrow and said here you go Ill give you one for 36k, I'd walk in and buy one tomorrow at 36k. Unfortunately there is no price hipster for motor vehicles and I have no price history on a Hilux to work with. Even house sale prices can be tracked via nsw revenue website. But car prices are shrouded in secrecy.



          That's what I'm getting at tho, and it's what a salesperson will ask.

          You just said if it's a sweet price you'll buy, how do you determine that sweet price? Or will you just buy in 3-6 months anyway?


        Only because I just updated my rego for 12 months on existing vehicle so no rush to sell or upgrade

        Now is the time to sell it privately then. It will probably take up to a month to move it and long rego is always a sweetener on a used vehicle.


          I dont think I will command proportionately more for selling it with 12 months or 6 months. The plan is to definitely have it offloaded with 6 months left so msybe list it at the 8 month mark.

          Edit: Reasoning is the vehicle is quite customised now, so it will only perk the interest of somebody specifically looking for those features. They wont be swayed over 6 months of rego.

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    If you go tyre kicking you will not get a best price until you are ready to buy.
    What the ex car salesman said above is not true. With our last few new car purchases we have done this…
    Know what your happy price is, know what you want and be ready to buy there and then. Let them know this.
    Not all dealers will make the effort to get your business. One we tried was $3k over our happy price and would not budge. Another dealer did it with no questions asked. Even included a couple of extra accessories.
    A previous purchase was similar for a more expensive car. Rude salesman would not flex on his price but the next one offered my best price first up without asking. I took the advantage and added a $1k accessory into the deal and paid my deposit.
    Do not phone them.. if you want the best price :-(
    Do not waste their time, or yours. These people get dreamers wandering in and out every day and they can pick them.
    PS. Most buyers looking for used cars are looking for as original as possible. Customised cars are only attractive to a very few buyers.


      ex car salesman

      Nope, currently in the job 😉

      So you let them know your price, or asked for theirs?


      What the ex car salesman

      Was going to say you must be new here but discovered you are actually a founding member

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    Aren't Hilux's overrated these days? They used to be the sh#t back in the day. I'd have a look at a top of the range Triton. You'd have enough money left over from the budget for awesome mods that would make it better than any Hilux anyway.

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    You will notice the difference in ride in the toyota. Without a load it will be a bit bumpier than your Nissan.


      Most utes will be, and it's for good reason, so they can take the payload. Put 1T on the back of a ute with coil springs and you're in for a world of hurt.

      Nissan went coil springs on new shape Navara and they've had to do so many fixes to them. Everyone else does leaf springs.


        This. While it is great for on road comfort Ive heard of a lot of negative feedback on the coil spring rear for towing. Although for off roading you should get some great flex in the rear on coils.


      Ive got colleagues who all drive SR5's for work. They are definitely bumpy, but I think its only an issue if you are coming from a wagon background and not used to it. If you've always driven utes the difference will be minor and more adaptable for you.


    I am looking for the exact same set up and trying to figure out what price is a good point to work towards getting the dealer to agree to. Don’t want to say I want to pay 40k if that’s not a realistic figure. There currenty deal seems decent but just wondering how much better they can do.


      Walk in and offer $40k and see how they react, work your way up to $41k and if they don't budge try another dealer. At least at the second dealer start with $40k and if you have to work your way up to $42k or $43k you can take comfort in knowing that you would never have gotten $41k anyway as you tried another location. I think if the list price is $46,990 then a price of $43,990 is the dealer trying to keep you happy and secure the sale, but also not drop their pants. It's sad that we have to negotiate with a middle man that hasn't earnt the profit on the vehicle they are trying to claim, particularly when people like us know exactly what we want and all the specs. If we could only go manufacturer direct and not have to pay for expensive dealership overheads - order online and it rocks up to your house on a flat bed.

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