Blu Emu Promo Code


Looking for a Promo Code for Blu Emu car park in Sydney?
Anyone got one?


  • Simply enter the promo code GOSWANS18 to receive 20% off Blu Emu parking.


      Hi, Thanks for the suggestion- I tried that promo code, didnt work…

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    Welcome to ozbargain. Let me try for you….

    Hello ozbargain friends.

    I am trying to obtain a promo code for the Blu Emu carpark in Sydney.

    I have tried google without any luck.

    If you know of a code I would very much appreciate it.

    Thanks for your time.


  • May I suggest you install “honey” on chrome, Firefox or safari. It will search for current promos and automatically apply the discount code.

  • OP I used promo code "ASKNICELYOZB" and I got 10% off.