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SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB 5 Pack USB 2.0 Flash Drive $36 (Was $56) Free C&C or + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


Note* USB 2.0

Key Features
Thanks to its 16GB capacity, the SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive provides generous space for storing documents, software, multimedia, and more.

With support for drag-and-drop file backup, this USB flash drive lets you transfer data to and from a compatible device without hassle.

Showcasing a sleek red and black design, this SanDisk flash drive coordinates well aesthetically with many electronic devices.

The SanDisk Cruzer Blade Flash Drive comes in a pack of 5.

Credits to Pricehipster

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    That's about what they are worth in regards to capacity. Now being USB 2.0…

  • +4 votes

    I'll be the first to say it. These are extremely slow USB's. My 4GB has survived keys, washing machines and being stepped on so they are durable (others report them snapping off on keyrings but mine never did). But the real pain is the slow transfers. On 4GB not such a problem, I'd hate to realise I had to load up 10 or 12GB onto one of these 10 minutes before leaving for work. Forget it. Incidentally that happens occasionally, and a faster USB 3.0 gets the job done.

    It's not just because they are USB 2.0, they go nowhere near hitting USB 2.0 limits. But if you're filling and forgetting it's a better deal.


      i have a 8gb one that must of gone through the wash 5 or 6 times now. yeah not speedy but dam reliable.


      Worth noting that USB 3.0 isn't a blanket solution - while you can expect 4-5MB/s on these drives the worst/cheapest USB 3.0 ones are often around 10 (a 16gb cruiser glide is like that). Means it takes 25 minutes to fill instead of 50, but not a couple like the good USB 3 drives.

      Often hard to pick because they advertise read speeds around 100mb/s and it often depends on capacity. A 64gb cruiser glide is way, way faster than the 16gb (learned that the hard way)


        True there are slow USB 3.0 drives too.

        I bought a very speedy 32GB USB 3.0 for emergencies. A few times before leaving for work I've realised I need to bring gigs of whatever with me, that's been a lifesaver, limited only by the network copying from the NAS where most files are stored. 125MB/s is good enough though.

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    I put different Operating Systems on my USBs since none of my computers have disc drives.

    Edit. As back ups, not for daily running.


    $7.20 each for USB2 16GB

    from harvey norman so GST applied - Good Speed Tax.


      So that's what it stands for, always thought it meant Gerry's Sulky Tax

      • -1 vote

        The voters chose the tax when they voted for the Liberal Party and then the Labour Party so if you voted for them it's your fault.

        They both have a long record of increasing taxes on the population while lowering it for business including no tax for the most profitable businesses.


          I didn't vote full stop. You'll have to find something good they introduced to blame me for not supporting.