Xiaomi Mijia Smart Toilet Seat Waterproof Electric Bidet - Where to Buy The Filters?

Hi All,

Now every true OzBargainer on here has obviously made their purchase on one of these things. I can kinda see why and what all the rage is about, hence I'm close to pulling the trigger on this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/401519).

However… I'm the extremely anal type when it comes to these types of electrical purchases, and become fixated in researching the products particularly when they require future maintenance and part replacements.

I've done a fair bit of reading on this site and I haven't found any discussion on replacing the filter (External PP Cotton Filter) these things come with. They only supply you with one filter when you purchase the product.

So to my point, it appears that the filters are recommended to be changed around the 6 month mark. This is the standard for most bidets I've seen no matter which brand. Understandably, us OzBargainers would stretch it out to double that, somewhat like Brita filters lol!

Here are some info on news about the filters…



The only problem is that I can't find the respective Xiaomi brand/or compatible filter to be purchased individually on a local level. I found what looks to be a part number (MTHHLQ01ZM) in a picture of the filter, but I ain't getting any results. It seems that the only place to purchase replacements is via the Xiaomi Youpin site (https://youpin.mi.com/)… I don't read Chinese =(

Anyhoo… For all the owners of these Xiaomi bidets, what have you done about replacing your filters? Or are you completely ignorant to the fact that these filters require replacing?

Help a fellow OzBargainer out to experience the luxury of a clean ass again (reminisces sitting on Toto bidets in Japan)! Ready to pull the trigger, as long as I can get my hands on replacement filters.



TL;DR - Owners of these Xiaomi bidets, what have you done about replacing your filters? Or are you completely ignorant to the fact that these filters require replacing? Please discuss…


  • Is it seriously called a ‘PP’ filter?!

  •  I'm the extremely anal type

    Ah punny 😂

  • it will also cause impurities to be deposited in the body of the toilet and subsequently block the waterway.

    Damn, I don't want any impurities deposited in my toilet, I better buy a dozen of them!

  • But seriously, this is the same water I drink and bathe in, do I really want it filtered before squirting my anus with it?

    • It's not about being the same as drinking water getting squirted at your ass.

      More so it's about this drinking water making it's way through the intricate parts of the bidet system, with an unchanged filter. As quoted in one of the links…

      The Xiaomi Smartmi smart toilet seat is equipped with a filter but this filter has a six-month lifespan. Extended use will affect the filter’s performance resulting in reduced water flow, low filtered water quality, and other issues

      So if all the OzBargainers that purchased this bidet are oblivious that the filter 'should' be changed at about 6 months (maybe push to 12), and without having these filters readily available to purchase locally, the raged about product that hits +100 votes most of the time may potentially have dramas with them when one comes to a point that the filter does in fact need to be changed out.

      I'm trying to avoid being put in this position, hence this post!

      • if you had mains water of exceedingly low quality there could be an issue of blockages (eg. China) but I don't see it as much of a problem here. Of course there can be bad quality after backflushing of the mains so it may offer some protection to the unit.

        However I run mains tap water through equipment much more sensitive than a bidet with no problems, really you could probably just run without the filter and never notice a problem.

        • You make a valid point, and almost tempted to proceed on that note…

          Although again I'm still in two minds about the filter, as all bidets I've seen regardless of brand (even being sold in Aus, abeit pricey as hell) have a water filter so I'm presuming it's pretty important to have.

  • Guess I'll use my Chinese girlfriend to start a business selling just these to OzBargainers

  • Does anyone know if the Xioami in-line bidet seat water supply line has a 1/2" fitting to the filter end?

    Edit: Hmmm, looks like the fitting to the filter isn't a screw in type, but uses a circlip instead (possibly a patented type)… There goes out the theory to bypass the filter completely.

    Does anyone have specs of the in-line water supply line fitting from the bidet end? Photos will score you bonus points! =P

    • By chance I have the filter and fittings in the back of my car.

      You are correct in that the connection between the bidet and filter uses a circlip design, something I haven't seen around before.

      Options are
      1. cut open filter and remove paper element then epoxy/plastic weld back together (risky, may fracture under pressure)
      2. Find (or have made) a fitting from 1/2 inch to the circlip design to run straight from the wall outlet. (need to find out the name of that type of fitting.

      Some pics

      • Thanks for the reply and pics mate! Is that pic on the bottom left corner the fitting on the line to bidet end? So both ends of the line uses that circlip fitting? If so, I've seen this before and believe it's a fitting also used here in Aus.

        Yeah, I was envisioning that I'd need to take the direction of having a custom braided line made up with fittings to suit another brand of filter that can be purchased locally, or go directly into the tap outlet.

        As an example…


        This filter here seems to replicate the same fitting as the tap outlet (1/2") so getting a custom line made up with this type of fitting should allow one to either opt to use this filter, or run directly into the tap outlet.

        • Yeah - the bidet flexi hose has the same fitting on each end, a double o-ring push-in with the circlip fitting.

          I was thinking of making a fitting up, or getting on made if I can find out what this end is called.

        • @singlemalt72: Thanks again… If I find out what it's called before you, I'll let you know!

  • Screw the filter, how do you extend the cable 10cm?! :(

    • I'm possibly in the same boat, but as I'm re-tiling first I'm just going to move the supply valve closer.

      Edit - You could get a custom fitting made up, or ad an extension to your supply valve, either a length of pipe or a hose to get the filter closer.

  • what happens if you dont change the filter?

    • Admittedly no one can say for sure, although with all things that are used with a filter, the filter is seen to be a consumable and after extended use it clogs and deteriorates. Basically doesn't do what it should be doing properly. Think oil filter, fuel filter, Dyson filter, Brita filter, range hood filter so on and so forth…

      Guess based on that, it's a call you need to make for yourself. I personally would change the filter for peace of mind.

  • So my bidet has started to beep at me and not heat the seat, so perhaps since I am a turbo shitter its clogged up faster and thus you may HAVE to change the filter to get a warm bum even if you don't use the bidet function all the time.

    Tried pressing various buttons to reset it and it worked for about a week before starting up with the cold seat rest problem again. 5 month usage 2 people, total estimated dumps using bidet; 4 a day.

    • That's not cool, how do you warranty it?

      I'd be tempted to offer them a little bit more money, they've just launched a newer model here too

      • It might be built in to incentive buying more water filters when the current one wears out. Filter had an eta usage time of 6 months anyway, but it is sad that they make you go without the heated seat until you get the new filter installed

        I get the feeling its gonna be HARD to warranty an overseas product (especially from china) but I could be wrong.

        • Aren't most of the sales posted on OzB by an Aussie re-seller, likely tied in with Xiaomi? That's the impression I got. Only 3 days ship time.

          I really want 25% more pressure, personally. Be perfect.