Are There Ever Sales on Direct Flights to Korea?

You can constantly see cheap deals to various other locations such as HK and Japan direct for 500. However Korea which is only a slightly further trip is always more than 1200. Do they ever offer good deals on direct flights? I have been looking for one for awhile but haven't seen anything.


  • Has a history. Not many. Create a search alert and you will get notified if deals are posted.

    Or watch prices on a site like adioso…

    If you want a good price you will probably have to live with a stopover.

  • i have been looking to for a while, and korean airline prices are mental and everyone elses.

    jinair might fly here soon and will be a budget option, till then only airasia is cheap

  • Yup quantas is doing one for 799 i think
    Quantas dot com au /au/en/flight-deals/city-pairs.html/syd/icn/economy/lowest

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