Le Creuset - Sale

Hey Guys,

I'm looking at upgrading my cookware and looking into Le Creuset.

I was wondering if you guys could advise me whens the best time to purchase them/best price i need to look out for.

I'm looking for the following:

  1. Le Creuset Cerise Red Heritage Rectangular Dish 32cm $99
  2. Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole 26cm Cerise $579
  3. Signature Cast Iron Round Skillet 20cm Cerise $189

Thanks guys :)

btw - i heard Sydney is having a warehouse sale - Has anyone been? Is it worth going?

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  • I think keep an eye on Peter of Kensington or Kitchen Warehouse as they often have sales

  • Mid season sales for the department stores will be coming up very soon; usually 30% off

  • It wasn't so bad when they had the warehouse sale in Botany inside some non-descript warehouse but there wasn't much on offer. The prices weren't all that amazing either, barely beat the usual DJ 30% off + cheap discount GC.

    • Yeh i'm thinking the ones I want are too popular for them to put a large discount on. Only the spatulas and small kitchen items which are 60% off… so I'm thinking probably not worth the effort…

      thanks for your reply x

  • I have found some bargains on Gumtree and Facebook Market Place. It's usually difficult to find more than 30% off but you can get some good deals on ebay - search internationally…

    It may also be worth joining Le Creuset Lovers on Facebook, through that connection I purchased a beauty and the beast pot from the US for $350 delivered (via forwarding service, $599 here) and have also got some great products cheaper…

    OO.com.au have Le Creuset atm, I have purchased some BlueBell/Provence items not available here at around 30% off and they have a few cerise items - also, if you go to oo.com.au use the search on the website, for some reason it doesn't show up on the app!

    And last but not least, Flybuys - use flybuy points on a selection of Le Creuset! I picked up 2 items that way this month ;)

    BTW, my general colours are Cerise, BlueBell, Satin Black and Matt White