Need Help with Travel SIM Card Choices

I'm looking for a SIM card to use in Vietnam and Singapore next month, and was also traveling to Taiwan and Japan at the beginning of next year.

Not sure what would be the best SIM card solution to just have access to data.

Does anyone have any opinions on this?


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    If you are going to Singapore first then get a starhub SIM. Order on line and pick up at the airport. It allows international roaming to nearly all Asian countries for data.

    Otherwise if Vietnamese first then you can buy a SIM at the airport or at convenience stores. I used vietel when I was there last year. Great 4G

  • I usually use Flexiroam.
    Sometimes buying a local SIM is much beneficial. But I can't bother doing so and it's a pain in some countries.
    This way I have data before I set out of the plane :D.

    Also, airport SIM vendors in most countries usually rip you off.

    With Flexiroam, a global 1GB/90day pack is US$30. The initial investment for the sticker is about $40 and mine came with $30 credit.

    Singapore 1GB pack is US$8
    Vietnam 1GB is US$15

    They give you upto 50% discount for buying the data pack 1 month in advance.
    Plus their facebook page almost always has 15% off coupons on top of that.

    I've been using it for about 2 years and in over 20 countries without any issues so far.

    Visiting Europe for 3 weeks end of the month, and bought a 3GB pack for the time for US$18 to use anywhere in Europe.

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