Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum V1 "Global Stock"

Hi All,

Recently I purchased a V1 Xiaomi vacuum the $329 ebay plus deal and tried setting it up on my Mi Home app. The setup worked successfully however when I select the device from the home screen I get a message pop up and say “please select local server” when on Mainland china servers, I later found out the the vacuum only worked on Singapore servers.

A big problem that i face is that I have multiple Dafang cameras that only work on Mainland china. Ive contacted the seller and xiaomi global both have been useless.

Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution? Is there a way that I can get this "Global Stock" vacuum to work on the mainland china servers. Or is there a way to setup my Dafang cameras on the Singapore server? It seems like only the China Mainland servers have the Dafang cameras.

Please help as they is a huge problem not being able to use both devices without having to switch back and forth between servers.



  • Try using application parallel space.
    I use it as I have my automation devices on China server and haveto have my Roborock S50 on Singapore server. Makes things a bit easier