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About the mapping function, Please see the map comparison between Xiaomi Mi robot and Xiaomi Xiaowa planning edition from this photo
we can tell that the overall mapping ability is pretty good.

According to smartrobotreviews(smartrobotreviews.com), The Xiaowa Planning Edition is equipped with a dual-gyro inertial navigation system and German six-axis BOSCH gyroscope. It also has a dual-optical laser + a LED motion tracking sensor. When it works, it slightly bumps into obstacles, so its sensors "remember" the position of each, including chairs legs, walls, and basically everything it has touched. With this technology, the robot can identify places where it has already been which reduces operation time because the device will not go to the zones already cleaned.

This model was just released in China recently and it is a upgraded version of Xiaowa lite edition. The main differences are the planning edition come with mopping and mapping abilities. The mapping ability is a bit weaker than Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum because Xiaowa use difference path finding tech which is not as accurate as using laser distance sensors. It sacrifices a bit accuracy but has mopping function. It is suitable for small to medium homes.

Product description:
AU cable.

1800Pa suction
The Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers a suction power equal to 1800 Pa , therefore less powerful than the other models offered by Xiaomi, while the brush system remains the one already seen previously and consists of a side brush and the main one with "tornado" design that allows the suction of the most stubborn dirt.

Automatic recharge and resume sweep
When the room is completely cleaned up, the robot will automatically plan the shortest route back to the dock charger.If the electricity is below 20% when I am cleaning the room, I can automatically return to recharge, when the power charge to 80%, I will return to the last unfinished location to continue sweeping to avoid repeated cleaning.
Line by line, complete cleaning tasks more efficiently
It is equipped with high-precision Japanese EPSON and German six-axis BOSCH dual gyroscope systems to reduce the data error of a single gyroscope, comprehensively perceives angle changes of robot, and flexibly adjust the fuselage to maintain regular cleaning. Whether it's walking on flat ground, or after obstacles or lifting, the robot can always sweep straightly.

Intelligent planning cleaning
With 13 types of sensors, multiple data fusions generate sweeping maps in real time, knowing where to scan and sweeping, and high-precision sensors keenly perceive angles and distances to ensure that regular walks do not run around and eventually form an overall zigzag coverage. Efficient cleaning route.

App remote control
Open the Mihome app, you can remotely start the sweep at any time, and check the working status of the robot and get a real-time map of the cleanup. When you come home from work, you can feel the good fortune brought by clean ground. Schedule an appointment, start, pause, or cancel the cleaning task in advance, four kinds of sweeping mode can be switched. In addition, you can also remotely upgrade the robot software system, continuously optimize the update algorithm, and make it smarter.

Precision water tank filter, intelligent control seepage
Bionic high-precision water tank filter for connecting tank and mop. Based on the capillary principle, the filter element automatically absorbs water so that the mop can maintain sufficient moisture content at all times. When the mopping is stopped, the mop does not lose water, and the filter element controls water leakage.

Plant bionics wet mop system
Plant bionic water tanks, with microfiber mop, to make home cleaning easier, the ground cleaner.New plant bionic wet mop system, Cleaning and mop combination,intelligent water seepage, continuous wet mop 45-60 minutes, Stable seepage , automatically stop the water seepage when it doesn’t work.

Drawer type disassembly
Drawer-type disassembly design, without flipping the body can be inserted into the bottom of the machine, fast and convenient.

640ml large dust box
The dust box is sealed with FIP level, and will not leak dust when used for a long time. The integrated large-area E11 washable filter screen blows clean air while filtering debris, eliminating secondary pollution. Whether the filter or the dust box is not installed,the Hall magnetic senor can always detect and avoid the damage caused by the absent of the dust box or filter.

Powerful battery
2600mA lithium battery. High-quality, high-energy density, 18650 lithium-ion batteries, lasting 1.5 hours, with automatic recharging function, it can meet the cleaning needs of different areas of the family. Specially designed constant current and constant voltage charging mechanism ensures long battery life stability.

Traversing function
It can detect obstacles in real time by infrared, and determine the type of obstacle by collision buffer after deceleration collision, easily pass through soft obstacles such as curtains and bed sheets, and sweep corners that are not easy to sweep.

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