Cheapest Way to Acquire 2018 iPhone XS, Vouchers?

Assuming RRP everywhere, what’s the best or cheapest way to acquire the new handset?

I’m guessing it would involve discounted vouchers and purchase at Target/Big W/Officeworks etc but I’m not up with the latest.

Thanks for any tips.


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    Quick Thoughts is an app where you can do surveys and you can either redeem them for iTunes credit (on IOS), OR JB HiFi vouchers (on Android).. if you do enough surveys, you could get the iphone from JB HiFi

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    Cheapest way? Wait a few years.

    Also, I don’t think they would stock them at big w or target, not for a year or two anyway.


    I don't think Target or Big W will be selling the iPhone XS any time soon. Maybe as a prepaid handset in a few years' time …


    Only thing I can think of is getting price matched at OW for other areas. Or else you can definitely ask Jbhifi to make it cheaper, assuming they have enough stock, but they'll probably only knock it down like 10 bucks or 15 bucks, from there I'd guess if you could get multiple gift cards at a percentage off price. But I haven't tried any of this so not sure if it works or how well it would.

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      oh please dont suggest that we dont want to see new threds "please help i have been scammed on Gumtree from buying cheap new sealed iphone XS"

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        What? Why would you not want to buy a half-price iPhone XS a week before it's out from some random guy on Gumtree? Your loss.

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    10% off David Jones gift cards via the Entertainment Book (and other sources).

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    Probably JB hifi with a 5% off gift card from your energy provider or work if you have something like that available to you.

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    cheapest way? dont buy it

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    David Jones gift cards are 8% off through Suncorp (you need a policy with them). They also sell Jb Hifi, Good Guys, Big W and Target at 5% off.


    Give it a week or so…you should be able to get a 'Refurbished' one cheaper on the US Apple website ;)

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    I've been thinking about this. I am after the XS 256gb so below is in that context.

    Option 1:
    - Buy through Vodafone
    - Earn 10-20k Qantas points on Red plan
    - Cancel after a month
    - Switch back to Telstra (probably get the next $200 JB deal)
    - Pay out remaining balance to Vodafone

    Option 2:
    - David Jones
    - Gift cards (save 5-10%)
    - 11274 Qantas points

    Option 3:
    - Apple Store
    - 3758 Qantas Points

    Option 4:
    - Good Guys
    - Gift Cards (5-7.5%)
    - 3758 Qantas Points

    Gift card wrap up:


    any other way?

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    Does cashback via CR and SB still apply to the full amount say, if you used e-vouchers for David Jones to click and collect? Would make for decent saving.


      Yep you can use vouchers, but cashback is not paid on Apple.

      Whether they are sophisticated enough to actually exclude apple is another question.


    Pricematch Kogan @ OFficeworks?


    Looking to purchase the Xs Max this week, $2049 :(

    What methods have people used to save the most since they came out friday?

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    Hi All,
    I've successfully pricematched Kogan @ Officeworks for $1519.05, XS 64GB;


      How did you achieve this, In Store or over the Phone? Considering Kogan doesn't have stock? :(


        over the phone; In store they told me kogan has no stock;

        it did look like their phone sales are based offshore and have no strong understanding about Kogan's stock / presales.


      I am just curious. can you use Afterpay after pricematched in store? or is there any other way which I dont know!


        Does your Afterpay limit even cover the cost of an iPhone XS? Also, they may exclude Apple from Afterpay like David Jones …


          oh thanks, I never used Afterpay. googling now lol

          found following -

          Placing an Order using Afterpay

          Placing an order with Afterpay is simple, just select Afterpay in the checkout. Please note, there are some limitations with Afterpay orders:

          Orders must be a between $55 - $1000, including shipping
          Mobile phones and gift cards are not eligible for purchase through Afterpay

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    I'm thinking of using the AMEX Harvey Norman $50 cashback deal on the iPhone XS 64GB which retails for $1629. I have two AMEX cards so split the payment on both cards and get back $100 on the total effectively making the price $1529. I know the T&C's say that Apple products are excluded from the cashback but it worked for me last year when I bought an iPad from HN. I will then be flying out to San Francisco in two weeks so will do a GST cashback with TRS on my way out effectively making it $1376.


    I wouldn't advise buying it at the price it is. Just get the regular 10 for a decent price and a better screen… that's of course if you're insistent on an iPhone.

    Android devices would be much more value for money. But you aren't asking for that so I won't bother throwing suggestions there.

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