Please Help Me Build a Beginner Gaming PC

Hi everyone!

I'm a university student that wants to get a new PC (my first ever) for some gaming & work. I'm not looking for amazing products and specs (I'll be playing mostly LoL, fortnite, maybe some pubg) & my budget is around $1000. I've done a little bit of research and this is what I've put together.

At the moment I'm over my budget - are some of my parts too advanced?
Any advice to lower my current price is greatly appreciated! Or, if you recommend that I change some of my parts please let me know!

AMD – Ryzen 5 1600 3.2Hz 6-Core Processor $206

ASRock – AB350M Pro4 Micro ATX AM4 $85

Corsair – vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 $273

Crucial – MX500 500GB 2.5” SSD $119.70

Video Card
Gigabyte – GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Windforce OC $339

Deepcool – Tesseract SW ATX Mid Tower Case $55

Power Supply
Corsair – CX (2017) 450W 80+ Bronze certified ATX $65

Total: $1142.70



    you could do with only 8gig of ram to hit your budget and be ok. you still need windows 10 (ebay) and probably KB and mouse.

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    You can get that RAM kit for newegg for I believe $235 (or $239 eBay) from Newegg (that's including GST + free shipping).

    You can also go with just 8GB of RAM for half the price ($115). I would definitely think about waiting a little while for the new Nvidia's to come after September 20th — the prices of video cards should see a decline (albeit quite small).

    edit: also re:Deepcool – Tesseract SW while that is a perfectly fine case for sub $60 budget, you may wish to think about spending a tiny bit extra on a Silverstone RL06 or Fractal Design Meshify C or Define Mini C

    These cases have the advantage of having easily removable filters for dust cleaning, and they also have more modern design in the internals which allows for better airflow.

    The dust filter on the Deepcool isn't particularly easy to remove and it's main weakness is the lack of good cable management options and the drive cage gets in the way of the front intake fan.

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    If you want a lower price, look for secondhand PC's


      Agreed. I'd prefer to spend $500ish on a second-hand sff desktop with a 1050ti than $1150 on this with a 1060. Especially if you're gonna pay for an OS.


    Do you have a screen already? If so, freesync or G-sync (or none)? If freesync is ok or you are looking for cheaper screen options, I would consider an AMD video card like the RX570 4gb for ~$220 for similar performance to a 1060 3gb.

    Also probably wait for some eBay sales - a few of those components were 20% off in the Computer Alliance sale. For example, a Ryzen 5 2600 was $259 - 20%, which puts it the same as your price for the 1600.

    Edit: A refurb Optiplex 9010/20 with a 1050ti low profile will probably work as well, and only cost ~$500.

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    That's not a bad build but:

    1. Why are you getting a Micro ATX motherboard for an ATX case? If small form factor isn't important, get an ATX motherboard - an mATX motherboard comes with a lot of compromises in terms of upgradability and future-proofing down the line, not to mention more finicky to build in and more annoying component compatibility issues (in terms of just Tetrising everything together) now.

    2. If your budget is a hard limit, as others have said consider dropping down to 8GB RAM. But I'd buy 1 x 8GB RAM stick, so that, while you lose out on dual channel performance now (in real life terms imperceptible), you can add a second 8GB stick of RAM in the future for instant upgrade without wasting any money.

    3. Get a 1060GTX 6BG. The discount for the 3GB model does not match the huge performance hit you'll take in going from the 6GB model to the 3GB model. If you wait for a sale or for the new nVidia RTX cards to hit the market, you can get a 6GB model for the same price as you're quoting for the 3GB in your build here.


    I'd personally recommend a card with more VRAM. Think I've seen some RX 580 8gb cards for around the same price, maybe slightly more. But the extra VRAM will future proof you a bit more.