How Much Does YouTube Premium Cost?

I'm trying to find AU pricing for Youtube Premium Family. Everything I've found from Google states $22.99, but upgrading within the app it states $29.99. Am I missing something?

Also does anyone know if I upgrade from individual to family during my 1 month trial will I lose the rest of my trial period and be charged the family price immediately? Also vague and conflicting answers online..

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    My current individual trial says it will Auto renew for $19.99 a month, although their blog states it should be $14.99 , or $22.99 for family.

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    In case anyone comes across this, it appears it's because i've signed up for the youtube premium via the app - which means my membership is 'managed by Apple'. Appears it's considerably more expensive to purchase via iOS/itunes - so will need to cancel ahead of the renewal and sign up via browser.


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    Yeah i noticed that for ufc too, where it was cheaper on the website than thru apple grrr


      it's a bit sly. I did all my research and chose to subscribe.. only later while checking out Family did i notice the price difference. Luckily it was only a trial hadn't been charged yet. They should at least state somewhere the Additional fee for subscribing within the app.

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    Apple takes a cut, so most app makers will mark up the price by that amount.

    Apple needs to be more honest and transparent to the consumers about the fees they charge.


    Apple takes 30%

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    I have the Google Play Music family plan for $17.99/month, which also included Youtube Red for the whole family (5 members)

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