What Is The Cheapest Post-Paid Telstra/Optus/Vodafone Plan Available Currently?

Telstra's 12-month S plan for $49/month (unlim calls + texts + 15GB/month) is good if you use the $200 JB Hi-Fi offer.

Optus 12-month ($36/month) and Vodafone 12 month ($35/month) both provide double the data at 30GB/month but of course with less coverage… depends on what you need.

Am I missing any good deals running on Telstra/Optus/Vodafone plans right now?


  • Literally every Telstra / Vodafone / Optus plan is always going to be inferior to smaller companies who use their networks anyway.

    IMO best to get non-contractual cheap deals from people like Kogan (Vodafone) and Spintel (Optus). You get the same network, and it's just way cheaper.

    Kogan's plan prices when you buy a year in bulk is amazing.

  • Also if you want to connect your Apple watch SIM to your phone plan