Warning Re: JD-Sports.com.au (Shipping Items from Overseas)

Last week I brought a football (Soccer) shirt from JD-Sports.com.au. This item was shipped on Saturday and was shipped from the UK. There was no indication on the listing this would happen - given the website has a .au TLD I was expecting local stock.

When I called to ask about this I was told that they do this to "have a greater range of stock available" and they "didn't know if I would be charged duties on the import"

I know my team is not that popular (west brom) and thats why i was happy as i thought i found a local supplier of gear. how wrong i was…

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    You were happy with their price. Does it matter that the items are shipped from an international location?

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      so long as quality is good I don't see the problem
      better than dropshipped from China?

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    "didn't know if I would be charged duties on the import"

    Unless it's over $1000 you won't.

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      People love to down vote me for that but it's true! The import laws have not changed. GST for under $1000 is the responsibility of the seller and if they haven't charged you for it then you won't get a bill for it either. Customs aren't enforcing it.


        Ordered a $145 backpack from UK, it arrived and the vendor had cited the value as "$5 business sample" they did this unprompted.


    You won't be charged duties if under $1k. It's up to them to comply with GST, not you.


    yes they done this to me, they sent me the wrong size, then expected ME TO PAY to ship the shoes to the UK to get a refund. absolute joke.

    PayPal made them refund me.

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    West Brom fan gear on sale in Australia? Hahaha Seriously?

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    IN response to a few questions:

    First, there is a HUGE difference in shipping times sending an item from Sydney or Melbourne to Brisbane than sending it from London. I'm actually going on holiday at the end of next week and I wanted the shirt for that.

    If I knew the shirt was coming from the UK i would have been better off buying from the club - at last than i could have it personalized with my name.

    Finally, there is no indication the item is being shipped from the UK until after they take your order and you get a tracking no. Only than do you see it's coming from the UK. they should at least be upfront and say items are being shipped from the UK


      If you were worried about delivery times wouldn't you look up jd sports delivery on google- it says 4-10 working days. I would say most on here know that jd sports is uk company with Australian stores, again if you look up jd sports on google the second link is a uk site. However I do agree there should be more mention on what items are coming from the uk, one would assume that only the top selling uk kits would be in Australian stores.

      I've had no problems whatsoever with the company and their prices are very decent, even kitbag and sportsdirect (two massive uk sites)don't stock them so I very much any other company could deliver the kit any quicker.

      ps you won't have to pay any import charges, once your payment is accepted by jdsports that is the final price you will pay

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      Not related, but I agree with your first statement, but not the way you intended.

      On more than one occasion I have received packages from Ozgameshop, QUICKER than packages from Sydney or Melbourne. AusPost are just a masterclass of disappointment.

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    I had the same experience. Thought it was local stock. Shipped from the UK. Shipped to the WRONG ADDRESS - the person who got it tracked me down on facebook and happened to live fairly close by, so dropped it off.

    Then I had to return the item - I took it instore and they don't refund on the spot. They send it back to the UK and you get a refund after it arrives, but there is no way of tracking it and no proof that you returned the item.

    I had to email them to get the refund as I hadn't heard anything after two weeks - they didn't even verify the item had been received, they just sent me the money.

    It was mayhem and I will not buy from their online store again.

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