144hz 24 Inch < $300 Monitor

Looking for a budget 144hz monitor. Currently looking at the Acer KG251QF for $299.


    • The one in the video is sold out, and I'm not sure that any of those sellers ship to Australia =/.

    • Found one that does ship to aus on ebay, except it's $289 incl free shipping. I'll pass considering how good warranty is at scorptec and ease of returns. (and that I can get the KG251QF for $291 with a code.

      • Seems you're fairly set on your monitor then

        • Thanks for your help.
          Guess I was just seeing if there were any other deals worth getting at this size. Sucks I missed out on a deal for it posted 2 months ago for $239.

  • Also looking for a 144hz monitor. Futu ebay has the Acer KG251QF for $271.2 with free delivery after 20% off code POLLEN/PHOME20, however I'm holding out a bit longer considering that $239 deal

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