Genuine LG V20 battery?


I'm just wondering if fellow lg v20 users have found a place that sells genuine LG V20 batteries?

I keep getting redirected to ebay and the last battery I bought from there was worse than my current 1.5year one



    I am looking for one too


    Batteries are the weakest link in smartphones.

    Even if your smartphone has a user replaceaable battery,you cannot find an original battery after a year or so.
    And ebay is full of fakes.

    Also the anker/zerolemon are good quality batteries but not available in australia or cannot be shipped from US.

    And all recent flagships have sealed batteries.

    You would have to spend $100+ in a repair shop and again most probably get a dodgy battery put in.

    And as far as chucking the phone after every 2 years is concerned,flagship phones are getting more and more expensive rather than less.

    spending $1000+ every 2 years is not an option.

    What to do?


      I guess it would have been a better idea to buy a few spare batteries when you first bought the phone :(


      + $17.00 shipping
      This item ships to Australia.


        You do know that amazon has stopped shipping to australia from its overseas sites?You will either have to use or use a shipping forwarder which will be expensive and complicated as it involves lithium ion


      Root your phone and only charge it to 80-90% of its capacity so the battery lasts way longer


    Have you tried the LG Aus distributor? (Roadhound in Cardiff). I recently bought a new battery for my LG G4 from them, since everything on eBay was rubbish. Cost $40 but was genuine. Totally worth the extra $$.

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