10 Demerit Points for Using Mobile Phone

Hi all

In NSW, during double demerit points, driver can lose 10 demerit points.

With only 13 points at max, losing 10 point isn’t bit too much where driver has to wait for 3 years to earn points back?

With all latest safety features and safer cars (+ traffic forcing cars to go slow), what do you think?

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    10 points is okay
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    There should be more
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    There should be less
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    I just follow rules, does not matter.


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    Don't use a mobile phone when driving. It's not hard.

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      But the lights turned red at the last minute, and I successfully stopped. I had to tweet about it urgently.

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      It is extremely easy because you are already allowed to make phone calls, play music and navigate using your mobile whilst you are driving as long as it's in a phone holder not obscuring your view (and you have a full license). This should cover all your needs during driving.

      The only things you're not allowed to do are browse the internet, play games, watch videos and text away, all of which are dangerous things that require severe attention draws away from driving.

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        In WA, you aren't even allowed to hold the phone full stop, even if it is to glance at the time.

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    In NSW, during double demerit points, driver can loose 10 demerit points.

    Motorists in New South Wales starts with zero demerit points. They're then given points for performing different driving tasks.

    More points the better. It helps to ease traffic congestion.

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      More points means best petrol savings, pay much less at the bowser.

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      Also, lose*. Almost had an aneurysm with OP's loose spellings.

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        The number of people who don't know the difference between Lose and Loose, very poor

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          The one that pisses me off the most is the then and than.

          Not to sound racist, but I've noticed that anglo-aussies seem to make that mistake more than others. I have to say that I feel confused sometimes because english isn't their second language or anything and I remember being taught the difference in primary school.


            @bobbified: Wow that's funny, because I find it's mostly Arab-Australians that confuse 'then' and 'than' and it always annoyed me, even those whose first language is English.

            Oh and another thing, 'English' should always have a capital 'E'. What are you, an 'anglo-aussie'? :)


              @Kayeff Sea:

              I find it's mostly Arab-Australians

              I think I'm a little biased and notice it in anglo-aussies more because I have this expectation that people are at least proficient in their first language (especially if that's the only they know). I'm probably subconsciously more forgiving when it comes to people of other backgrounds.

              What are you, an 'anglo-aussie'? :)

              I'm actually yellow! hahaha

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          @bobbified: also you're and your.

        • -2 votes


          Not to sound racist… says something racist


          Effect and Affect too!


        There, their, they're… Nothing to get all worked up about…


      Do you think the economic impact of less traffic congestion is more positive than the economic impact of enough cars to have an impact on traffic congestion being unable to use their car as a form of transport?

      Did you think this through, or is the air too thin up on your horse?

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    It's simple…

    Stop using your phone

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    When they do this in Melbourne, public transport users is going to Sky rocket…

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    They should take the licence off anyone caught using a phone illegally while driving, no excuses accepted.

    As someone who was run off the road by an idiot using their phone and not watching where they were going the sooner these idiots are off the road the better.

    Use Bluetooth or buy a hands free kit for a few dollars or if it's important pull off the road and then use your phone.

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    Agreed, I only use my mobile when doing 100KPH and chomping on a chicken supper.

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    It's called a deterrent, I am glad 10 points is scary enough for people to take this seriously.

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    Should be treated the same as drunk driving.

      • +18 votes

        I was taught this at school by visiting Police Officers. They even said you could go over 0.00 just from standing in a pub. That was their justification for the 0.02 bac for P-Platers. We were told we were not allowed to drink at all. The 0.02 was just a tolerance for food, hangovers, etc.

        As a 21 year old after three years on P-plates, I was 1 month off getting my full licence, when I got caught in the early morning after a big night with a BAC of 0.035.
        It was a hard lesson, I lost my licence for 6 months, had to restart my Green P's (2 more years), pay a $700 fine and complete an extensive Drink Driving course (10 x 1 hour).

        But in hindsight it was probably the best thing that could have happened. It was a lot better then killing myself or worse, taking an innocent life.

        These days I have a 0.00 restriction on my new motorcycle licence (for first 3 years), which I'm fine with. I personally believe the limit should be 0.02 for all drivers.

        Alcohol is the worst possible drug to drive on:

        "The data show just how dangerous it is to drive while drunk: The risk of crashing while driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of .05 or above is about seven times higher than the risk of crashing while sober. The likelihood of getting into an accident while using some other substances — including marijuana, antidepressants, opiates, sedatives and stimulants — is statistically not significantly higher than driving while sober, after adjusting for various demographic factors." Source

        • -3 votes

          I prefer to be drunk when an idiot in a car pulls straight out in front of you when your doing 80,I find it numbs the pain lots more when they have to plate your Collarbone & Sternum back together!

        • +1 vote

          @Micko179: pretty sure you're more likely to be held responsible for the whole thing, or die, if you're drunk at the time lol

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          I got caught in the early morning after a big night with a BAC of 0.035

          Hardly a big night out, or your alcohol absorption capability is not good: 0.001 per hour, with a sleep of 6 hours ( early morning ),
          puts you at 0.095 when you went to sleep.



          I learned at the drink driving course that everyone is different and there is no easy way to calculate your level of intoxication.

          For example your calculation doesn't take account various factors that determine how different people's bodies process alcohol:
          - Age
          - How fast alcohol is consumed
          - Ethnicity
          - Body fat content
          - How much food was consumed
          - Fat content of food consumed
          - Medications

          Plus a "big night out" doesn't mean I only had alcohol ;)



          Plus a "big night out" doesn't mean I only had alcohol ;)

          The stuff I have sobers me up pretty quickly (seems to anyway!)

  • +25 votes

    Yep. No sympathy here.

    Whatever you need to do on your phone is not more important than the safety of myself and my friends/family.

    1. Use handsfree for calls if you absolutely must. If your car doesn't have it inbuilt and your life has stuff going on that may need you to take calls on the run, then buy a cheap bluetooth box.
    2. Your friends' selfies, cat videos and other vacuous trifles will still be there when you're done driving. Otherwise pull the hell over.
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    Inattention, of the major issues contributing to the ability to operate a motor vehicle effectively, is the biggest cause of road trauma. Distracted, drunk, tired. This is what kills people on our roads.

  • +6 votes

    With all latest safety features and safer cars

    Like hands free Bluetooth, so what's the excuse?

    I surprised no one has ranted about "revenue raising" yet.

    • +4 votes

      I surprised no one has ranted about "revenue raising" yet.

      It's too early. The bogans haven't gotten out of bed yet. Give it a few more hours till they wake up…

    • +2 votes

      No. Revenue raising was when they dropped the minimum amount of demerits for a small infraction from 3 points to 1 point while fibres remained the same amount of money, meaning that they could fine you many more times before your licence was suspended.

      Any increase in demerit points means less revenue for the government.

    • +39 votes

      would it be fairly reasonable if someone ran your mother over and killed her.

      • +3 votes


        In this instance, I'm not at all concerned about the inconvenience to you of losing 10 points.

        The real risks & the severity of the potential outcomes are all that matters.

        5 points during normal periods - and by extension 10 during double demerits when the risks are exacerbated - IMHO are entirely reasonable.

        Phones require an inordinate amount of attention to operate - especially given that recent generations of smartphones come with no physical buttons for even basic function - so using a smartphone while driving is akin to driving whilst blindfolded.

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    I watched a girl come about 1cm from rear ending a truck when looking down towards her mobile phone. She gave herself the fright of her life. The irony is, judging by the amount of people you see using their phones here in Melbourne, she's probably still doing it. You even see massive semi truck drivers using their phone on a daily basis. It's not rare, it's everywhere. If you are caught it should be instant loss of licence for a month, and your car towed. I figure that would be the only deterrent.

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      Touche! I witnessed a Muppet doing 70 looking down at her phone texting she was I a lane which becomes right turn only & I was in a straight ahead one d was on my horn(admittedly Camry forklift horn) shaking my head at her & she was oblivious to the car stopped in front of her at the lights. She slammed into the back of this poor old couple at 70 & pushed them about 30 metres up the road, unfortunately she was UNINJURED & the dear old couple were! I reckon the cops would make a killing with cameras on poles out the front of my house, every second dipsh!t is on their phones! I've had 2 cars written off by them running up my arse!

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      90% of the time I get stuck behind a driver who has a large 100m gap between the next car infront of her, in peak hour on the freeway, it's a girl.
      The ones I catch who don't make it super obvious, like leaving a huge gap and/or erratic driving, tend to be 50/50 split.


        Actually a healthy gap helps with traffic.

        Related articles


        I think the original study was "Coping with congestion: Understanding the gap between policy assumptions and behavior" in 1996 if you wanted a more academic reading.

        Why are the driver's demographics relevant?


          I don't really need to read any papers to know a gap can help with traffic. It's like a buffer between the erratic driver infront. But leaving a 20m/5second gap, when everyone is doing 60 and they're doing 40, like I occassionally see (my 100m is exaggeration), it doesn't help traffic one bit because people are always going to tailgate no matter the speed especially during peak hour.

          If a 100 cars did that, then that's already an extra 500s to peakhour commute.

          I remember when I was getting my Ls, the book had a graph and pointed out a particular driving style which encouraged smooth driving and less hard braking.

          Everything about this kind of traffic can be modelled with a PID control function, and these slow people who leave huge gaps add unnecessary amount of damping to the system. Tailgating adds responsiveness. I don't know where you live but there are traffic lights on the onramp where I live, and that prevents massive step-changes to the traffic, which lowers overall speed.

          The articles dont describe any of this and I suspect it's because the general public don't understand this simple math concept, and doesn't make for an interesting read.

          The demographics aren't relevant but it doesn't help with breaking down the stereotype of women drivers.

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    Those safety features are great and all, but they don't really help the pedestrian you hit going 60km per hour.

  • +1 vote

    losing 10 points is sfa compared to dealing with the guilt of killing someone (maybe even yourself although). Stay off your phone.

    lose your license instantly would be a harsh but good wake up call.

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      I don't think many people would drive with guilt after killing themselves.

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