Need Dishwasher Advice Please. Less than $700

Hi bargainers,
Need some advice regarding dishwashers. I need to buy within the next 2 weeks. Goal is to spend less than 700.

What are the best options?

Thanks in advance.


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    $700 is easy. The 2 week time limit is the issue. Not sure even speed dating works that quickly.

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    Best starting with tinder for quick results but hedge through eharmony etc.

  • I don't know why no one is taking you seriously.

    But here you go.

    Bosch is (I hear) the best there is. Just not sure where the Series 4 is made.

    Or have a look at their clearance outlet (homeclearance).

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      seriously? well OP don't how to find white good stores? or or to use google?
      OP knows the budget, good start, then why not go find them self and narrow it down to the brand and model first?

      TIP, I would increase the budget bit more and goes for made in Germany model.

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        I have had some old people ask me similar questions as OP. It is not so uncommon to not know what to look out for and/or to find it on the net. OP could be new to Australia and clueless. Anyway hope OP finds what he/she needs. Some time ago Ozbargain used to be more accommodating but recently people have been quite sarcastic. I suppose it's a sign of the times.

      • I have done a lot if research but often people here know of the best bargains or potential future sales. thank you for being entirely unhelpful.

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    Stay away from one's from the poorer Asian country's. They always want you to send money back home for various things (sick/injured relative, vet bill for elephant etc.) it never ends until they've bled you dry.

  • Haha thanks for the dating advice and the washer recommendations.

    There is a dirt cheap euromaid under 400 with excellent reviews.

    Keep in mind this house is essentially becoming an investment property in 2 years.

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