Looking to Buy: Android Tablets Vs iPad

Hi there,

I'm currently in the market for an Android Tablet or iPad as a gift for my girlfriend (wanting to get it before Christmas this year). She's after something to play movies, music and do a little bit of light typing (with a separate bluetooth keyboard) whilst we travel next year. I own a 2017 iPad which is an awesome piece of tech, however it doesn't seem like it'st gone down in price and the 2018 model is quite expensive.

Does anyone have any Android tablets they would recommend? I'm looking for something with a screen 9" or bigger, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 580 sounds good, but prices vary and it's hard to tell if they're all the same model. Thanks for any recommendations!


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    I would get an iPad over an Android tablet, coming from a staunch Android phone user (I can't do iPhones) and an iPad owner. Unless she happens to have an Android phone …

    Could always try the Apple refurb store to see if there's anything that may suit.


      Also, getting the gf a present that's not even as good as the old one OP is using himself now doesn't seem like the best idea…

      I own a 2017 iPad which is an awesome piece of tech, however it doesn't seem like it'st gone down in


    The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 T580 has a wifi-only model and a LTE model.

    This is a LTE model (T585) and this is a Wi-Fi only (T580) model

    I still use mine for work related purposes such as Slack / viewing ebooks, browsing Ozb but it's not very good for gaming (very weak graphics processor). It's also running Android 7 and will probably never see an Oreo update.

    an Ipad from 2017 costs more but they'll have more grunt and have comparatively speaking, more SW updates and a more polished OS.


      Do you use a keyboard with yours?

      I have the Tab A10.1 with s-pen. Got it last year mainly for work and feel it has been excellent purchase.
      Use it for reading and making notes at meetings. Also have used it to watch movies on the occasional flight.


    Chuwi Hi10 dual boot win 10 android 5.1 $180 - 200 USD upgrade 2 years time no great money loss.


    We use two tablets for reading plans. An 2018 ipad and an old tab a running 7.1.1. Both does the job. It depends on the user’s ability to use the tech.


    I'm in the same boat but waiting to see if there's new iPads next month before deciding.

    My shortlisted Android tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 which is currently 20% off from eBay Bing Lee.

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    One of your requirements is playing movies. What is the source of the movies? If the movies are downloaded mp4 or mkv, then Android is your best bet as you can download and store movies straight onto your tablet. Or you can drag and drop them from a computer. You can't do that with an iPad. However if you watch movies via a streaming service, then either will work fine.

    I have a Galaxy Tab S2 and it's still awesome. I use it to watch movies and TV shows while on the train to work or whenever I fly interstate. I can't recommend it enough. I haven't played with the S4, but I imagine it would be even better.


    Unless you travel with iTunes on a laptop, it'll be very difficult or impossible to get new content onto an ipad (unless you purchase content from the itunes store). Depending on where you're travelling to, there may be limited internet or internet may be expensive at certain hotels etc.

    I always travel with an android tablet with a removable sd card for that reason.