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1/2 Price - Heat Beads Barbeque Briquettes 4kg $4.74 @ Coles


Half Price Heat Beads 4kg bag, typically stock up on these when they're half price, nothing like a nice charcoal bbq.

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  • You can buy a 7.5kg bag at Bunnings for $8.80, as on the website.

    You can buy a 4x4kg bag set for something like $16 (i forgot exactly).

    Never understood why you'd buy these things from Coles.

    But.. you are absolutely right that charcoal bbq is killer. I own several, but do most of my best stuff on my Akorn kamado.

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      Convenience i suppose. Pick up everthing you need for a barbie, and hope the shopadocket receipt has discount corona…

    • Beat me too it :) Just bought heat beads from burning today. Good value (these are briquettes) compared to charcoal which tends to be much more expensive.

    • It's only $8.80 at Bunnings during Coles sale. Next week it'll be back to $11.25 for same 7.5kg bag.

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      Price dropped to beat Coles price this week.

  • I use wood in my Lodge Charcoal grill I got on here. I have a fire in it right now with the kids sitting round it. I collect fallen trees and any wood I can find on road side an so on. I make my own lump Charcoal for free. Easy to do. But this is awesome score. Nice job op

    • What fallen wood do you use? Some woods give off toxic smoke which may be OK for firewood but wouldn't want to use for cooking.

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      • I have a sharp chainsaw, and it's usually various sorts of gum trees. I also get bottlebrush and bits from the tip (anything that isn't chemically treated with CCA or the like). I just cut it and dry it at home in stacks. It's very useful for campfires. I use it at home in the backyard and take it camping, too.

        The wood I pick up from the side of the road is not used for cooking! It's just used for a basic sit-around-the-campfire thing.

        As far as i knew, most woods are okay as long as they're not treated.

    • Yeah like sweety above said, I wouldn't be using random wood you pick up on the side of the road. Also, for the sake of burn period and level of heat, you'd want to just use hardwoods

  • One of the fastest ways to light these things is with a heat gun.. Most heat guns can get to 650deg. Stick the nose of the gun in the centre of the briquettes and turn on high. the fan from heat gun stokes the fire and lights them even faster. Nothing else need …..Except power.

    • hate the horrid toxic stink from those white fire starter cubes.. i may give the heat gun a try :)

      Most people use those for melting glue seals from glass

      • don't use the white parafin blocks, use the Samba naturals - oil soaked cardboard. They burn very clean and do the job.

      • Make your own starters

        A bag of cotton wool balls in a jar with rubbing alcohol

        Far cheaper and no kero smell from starters

    • how long does that take?

  • corn chips!

  • Thank you, will get one today!


    Bought 15 bags today.. that should set me right for summer