Which 4WD? Late Model Discovery 4 SDV6 HSE/SE or Toyota Landcruiser Prado Kakadu?


This is my first post in OzBargain. There seems to be an honest community to provide advice here.

I am looking to replace my 2008 BMW X5 SD with a large 7 seater 4WD that can do some offroading (beach driving, trails, gravel roads, mud, but nothing too hard core like expedition trips in the middle of nowhere or bumpy rock crawling. A SUV/4WD with good ground clearance and low range (though I have been told some modern 9 speed gear boxes have 1 and 2 gears act as low range.

I have narrowed my options to a 2014-16 Land Rover Discovery 4 or 2015-16 Landcruiser Prado Kakadu. My heart is telling Disco, but my head is telling Prado!

My initial thoughts:

a) Discovery (used 60-80,000 kms)
positives:- smooth ride, refined,luxury, strong motor, Terrain response, comfy 7 seater, long service interval
negatives: - reputation for issues/breakdowns (though I think this is largely sorted with later LR cars), just nervous being stuck offroading with toddlers in the back seat! Rear diff lock is not standard!

b) Prado (used 60-80,000 kms)
positives:- functional and reliable, parts should be easiler to source, good standard options.
negatives: - interior design lacks the euro feel, short servicing intervals, less powerful motor.

I will do 95%+ of my driving on the road, and was a good long distance tourer.

Does anyone have recent experience with either of these two 4WDs? I would love to hear your experiences and recommendations?
Also, any other vehicle I should consider?

I did rule out the Ford Everest (didnt really like the interior), Mitsu Pajero (getting old in its design), Jeep Grand C (lack of 7 seater)

Thank you!


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    One thing to note with the LR4 is the wheel sizes. A buddy of mine with an LR4 had to buy a set of 18" steel wheels from WA that would fit as normal 18" don't fit.
    You want the smallest rim that will fit, with the biggest diameter you can both fit and also be legal.

    I also wanted an LR4 but couldn't bear the costs or the reputation of breaking down one day when I most want it. I already learnt the hard way from the Saab experience :/. We considered a Prado VX … but I didn't like its face. The vertical grill is not to my liking. And the boot is smaller than the Pajero I think (because the seats go up on the side? (which I know can be removed))
    I ended getting a Pajero. I'm very happy with it. Big boot, 1000L but the third row isn't too big unlike the LR4.
    If money was no limit and I could afford the repairs if they ever eventuate, i'd go for the LR4. Very pretty. Very roomy.
    The LR5 is ugly.
    The Prado I didn't like its nose.

    Also there's been some news on some Toyotas with DPF filters failing too early. Not sure what years that apply to.
    Pajeros from MY17 onewards have DPF; but I haven't had problems with mine so far in 6000km.


      Thanks FoxJump.

      My experience with the X5 was positive (though its now 10 years old, and things are starting to fail. eg electronic brake actuator cost me $2k last year). Other than that, electronics seems to be fine. Usual replacement items such as lower control arm bushes I consider as consumables. Would have kept it, but getting tired of the ride on the sports suspension with runflats.

      I am worried, something will go wrong with the Disco and it will be a $5-15k fix on a $70k purchase. I dont seem to have that worry with a Prado.

      Also the other thing is the Disco has a better tailgate than the Prado.. thinking of the wife trying to open or close if its not parked on a flat surface.

      I have a few friends with Pajeros, they have nothing negative to say about them.

      Yep, dont really like the LR5, but I am a fan on the RR Sport!


        Yes the lr4 tailgate is very good.
        They sure ruined the lr5. I can't believe people even buy them


          Apparently LR customers complained about the lack of lower tailgate that its apparently it’s now an option on the LR5


    I assume the Lexus LX is out because of budget? Because if you want Toyota reliability with Land Rover luxury/features/cachet…. well that's exactly what the Lexus is for.

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    New Prado GXL + Leather (adds elec seats, heated and cooled seats)

    Brand new model will clock in under $72k drive away

    New front end (so much better), better towing, more safety features.

    150L tank on the Prado is always a winner. Or go the flat tailgate option which loses the sub tank, but gives you the separate glass opening (still barn door style door).

    (I sell Toyota, and I just don't think you'd get that much value out of the Kakadu in comparison)


    Prado. Given that you are planning actual offroad use.
    I'd probably get a new GXL instead of a used Kakadu.
    Strongest resale value in the industry
    Body on frame, solid rear axle
    Larger tyres (smaller rims).
    Dual fuel tanks are a godsend when you're beach driving.

    If you want to save some cash, a Pajero Sport would be an equally capable alternative with a more generous spread of creature comforts. Ugly though.


    I’m going to go against the grain a bit and say go with your heart - disco.

    Unless you’re going on long expeditions, which you say you aren’t, you won’t need the long range and the reliability/local parts won’t really be an issue. I know the LR does have a poor reliability image, but is that true for the modern versions or just for the early models. The electronics will probably overcome the lack of diff lock too.

    How long do you plan on keeping it?


      Prob only keep it for 2.5-3yrs before i get itchy feet and want (as opposed to need) a new vehicle.


    This has been suggested elsewhere but what about a Pajero Sport? It's based on the current Triton and aside from the name shares virtually nothing with the current model Pajero (which I agree is past its use by date).

    Far more powerful than a Prado, even if the numbers on paper suggest otherwise. Has a pretty classy interior for a mid range 4WD. Excellent bang for buck ($50k driveaway for the mid spec GLS model which has leather, diff lock, radar cruise control, autonomous braking, etc). For the kind of driving you are doing the PS will be no less capable off road. PS is noticeably smaller, but this could be a good thing as it will be more maneuverable in urban driving. Available as a 7 seater. No significant reliability issues either (unlike Prados and their DPF/injector issues). Mine came with a 7 year, 150,000 km warranty.

    The only thing the Prado does better imo is that it's got a very supple ride on bumpy roads, but the trade-off is handling that's not terribly sharp

    A Prado isn't a bad choice, and I'd take it over the Landrover (mostly for reliability reasons), but I don't think it's the bees knees that everyone makes it out to be.


      No mention of that god awful ugly bleeding arse rear that even a mother couldn't love? That's an absolute showstopper from the get go unfortunately. The Prado is highly recommended because it really is the best all-rounder and is one of the most popular vehicles you see on fire trails and offroad camp spots.


        Also the autobraking may limit the bullbar you can have on it.


          I have an Opposite Lock steel bullbar and all the factory features work perfectly. The only caveat is that large spotlights or a horizontal light bar may block the sensors (which are behind the Mitsubishi emblem), but my bullbar has a cut-out for a light bar below the grille opening so happy days.



          The ARB guys told me they didn't have one for the Pajero Sport but maybe OL got their stuff in order


          @FoxJump: ARB do make one but it's not compatible with the Exceed as it doesn't have the cut-outs for the parking sensors. My OL bar has cut-outs for the parking sensors but are blanked off because I have a GLS. Personal preference but I think the OL bar looks better than the Sahara bar on the Pajero Sport, it just fits better.

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    Have you seen the LR5 particularly the rear ?
    Well then it's the prado.


      Yes Landrover must have hired the guy that made the Pajero Sport rear also.

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        Hahaha Yea. This is like the emperor's new clothes.
        Is the trend now to make ugly cars to address your individuality 😋?


    Thanks everyone for your thoughts!

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