Keep Sun Canopy and Buy Legs or Seek a Return

So i bought a sail (without legs) I thought it came with legs as a sail with legs for 99$ is a good buy, not so much of a good buy without legs

Then later i panicked, so i went researching if it was a good price through the manufacturer website, they had that sail for $85 but i saw all their pictures didn't have legs so i got straight onto support to try and stop the order being processed but was told it was too late. Even though my order hadn't progressed to the next stage and still hasn't but got a febel reply from help desk today that their website said it didnt come with legs. (lucky o took a screen shot yesterday)

so my thoughts are do i keep said overpriced sail and buy legs for it or screw the bastards over. I have purchased on afterpay so i should be able to stop payment with them and just return the shit.

No mention of Legs above 3 year warranty

Added no legs clause

Still only ordered as of tonight

and $85 from Qozy

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    Keep and buy legs from somewhere
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    Return and get money back

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    What made you think it included the legs?

    The supporting posts, legs, are very expensive compared to the shade sail. Installed properly these shade sails cost in the thousands of dollars.

    Get your money back and I suggest do a lot more research.


    You've selected the wrong size.. The $85 is for a 3x5m. If you select the size you ordered on Catch (4x6m) you'll get the same $99 price.


      ok so still price aside the advert does show a picture with legs, and also didnt state legs not included

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        The picture that 'shows legs' also shows:

        • Outdoor furniture;
        • Plants;
        • Legs BOLTED INTO THE GROUND (oh no, they don't include installation too?)
        • a Backyard

        Are you going to complain it doesn't come with those too? And that was ONE picture out of half a dozen, with none of the others even referring much less showing any legs, despite showing the actual CANOPY in detail.

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    I doubt they could even find out what legs they are. Knowledge of what kind of legs are used in that photo are probably many times removed from anyone at Catch.

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    The posts or legs cost about $100 each for 100 x 100 x 7m powder coated. The curved ones in the picture would cost heaps more.


      yeah i hear what you're saying but Chinese made steel and made by the 1000s for all sorts of bargain website and you back down to cheap

      I used to make trailers for a living and we made 6x4 that was like 2.5k and we made cheapies for 1k the 1k cheaps could not carry not even half the load of the 2.5k ones


        How much do you think just the shipping would be for huge curved steel shade sail supports? I'll give you a hint, it's a lot more than you paid for the shade sail.

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    I thought it came with legs as…

    their website said it didnt come with legs.

    screw the bastards over.



      sorry poor English :D i was angry

      their website didn't say it didn't come with legs


      ok having a look again

      The websites sales consultant told me the website stated it didn't come with legs,

      My first screenshot shows they have added it in later


        It doesn't matter. They're selling a "SHADE SAIL SUN CANOPY". What part of that says that it includes legs?

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    Christ what's with this site and some really really…. not-smart…. people? Did the listing have to say it didn't come with plants or a backyard too? The ad was for a "Shade Sail Sun Canopy". What part of that mentions legs? What part of the listing mentioned legs?

    You're getting what you paid for. You can try to return it, but stop trying to blame your lack of reading comprehension on other people.

    And just regarding them adding it: Yes, the probably added it because they realized they overestimated the intelligence of some buyers.

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    "really really not smart" good one sunshine

    when you're selling a product like a sail with a beautiful outdoor picture all setup its implied that's what your paying for unless otherwise stated

    Also when you mention "easy to setup" also implies well you're setting it up


      with a beautiful outdoor picture

      So did you expect the beautiful outdoor setting too?

      its implied that's what your paying for unless otherwise stated

      No there's no such implication. You made an assumption. Your assumption was wrong.

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        no need to be a d1k head mate.

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          Yeah but it's fun. No but seriously - your whole post makes it sound like the seller did something wrong, when the mistake is on your end. Does it suck? Yeah probably. Was a canopy + legs for $99 utterly too good to be true? Also yes.

          If I was in your position I'd also want a refund, but I certainly wouldn't think I'm in the right, or that I'm somehow entitled to a refund.


    ill let you know how i go with RMA support has said i can return it, but obviously you can return anything for a restocking fee.


    The legs are not listed in the features so not included.

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