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PlayStation VR Camera Bundle (V2) + Choice of 1 Selected PS VR Game for $299 @ JB Hi-Fi


Received Email about this deal. Seems pretty good price especially when you can use discounted JB Hi-Fi gift card.

Link to Promotion Page

To get this deal, you'll first need to add the VR headset bundle into the cart (that's the main link above) and then add ONE of the following titles into your cart to get the $299 promotion.

Firewall: Zero Hour
The Persistence (VR)
Bravo Team VR
The Inpatient (VR)
Arizona Sunshine

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    I have a feeling there will be good PSVR deals around boxing day, I'm holding out till then


      Me too, as much as I want this now I'm happy to hold out. Good deal though!

    • +1 vote

      Very optimistic. I haven't seen any remarkable boxing day sales for years


        I got a PS4 pro from amazon last year, think that was $400 after the NAB rebate.
        That was pretty good


    Just found the Amazon deal better even if that one is V1.


    Dang - bought yesterday @ $329. Any chance they'll refund / credit difference?

    • -1 vote

      They accept returns if you haven't opened it yet

      • +4 votes

        Bring a new toy home and not open it? Surely you're not serious:)

    • +1 vote

      Buy one for $299 and return it as the one you bought for $329


        Don't… He has to pay the shipping fee which may be higher than $30…

      • +2 votes

        Contacted them via their website quoting order number and they've refunded the difference. Really happy with their service. Presume they're not obligated, but thanked them for their gesture.


    Whats the real difference between V1 and V2? Anyone knows?


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      I got the version 2 purely because the guy at EB Games said he had the V1 and would be trading it in for the V2.
      From what I'm told the V2 has a passthrough box allowing you to keep the unit plugged up when using it without VR. With the V1 you have to unplug the whole systems HDMI connections each time you want to play.
      Also, I'm told the power pack is smaller, there are less cables coming out of the back, and there are nice fancy earbud holders (although I don't use it yet).

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      When using psvr, you take the output from the PS4 (that goes to your tv) and put a breakout box in the middle.

      Your headset plugs into that breakout box.

      (Like a T junction).

      V1 psvr breakout box doesn't pass through HDR 4K content to the tv.

      So, if you have a PS4 and use it for HDR 4K a V1 will require you to remove the psvr stuff before it works, and put it back in when you want to vr.

      V2 you can leave it there permanently and nothing changes. (The psvr doesn't support HDR, this is just for non vr content coming from PS4 to your tv)

      As I understand it there is very little difference to anything VR related.

    • +1 vote

      Built in speakers, slightly lighter. Above has rest of changes I'm aware of

  • +1 vote

    Good deal for those keen on a V2 at a slightly higher spend.

    For those new to the VR hunt it's worth noting that there's also still an active V1 deal through Amazon at approx $188 after cash rewards - but with no game/s.

    Worth considering if you want to save another $100 to put to a set of move controllers and then shop for games separately.

    Good to see competitive deals on VR shaping up.


    • +2 votes

      Personally I went with the Amazon deal as I don't think the convenience of not having to move some cables around and one game is worth $100.

      Also I already had an unused PS4 camera that came with my PS4, so I was able to immediately sell the brand new camera freebie and recoup some cost. Final outlay for the PSVR head unit was $120. Which is just so ridiculously cheap that I don't have to feel guilty about spending too much on a toy.


        Very nice!

        I got the $300/V2 but purely as I had JB vouchers and JB doesn't have much else I want at decent prices. Otherwise, I would have gone Amazon V1.

        Anyway, no one's thinking about these things when immersed in VR having a ball!

        Love this this thing!

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          Check out the current VR specials in the PS Store.


            @Rockgod70: Which are the recommended titles on sale? I picked up the V1 in the Amazon sale - PS4 camera arrived in a separate parcel this week - so i'm yet to fire any of it up (it's all still boxed up).

            I did, however purchase Superhot VR bundle, from PSN last week while it was still on sale. That one now looks to be full price.

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              @fookos: As mentioned in another post, Batman VR is on sale. I'm told it's one of the best VR experiences, although a bit short.
              Wildlife Encounters is only $7.55; I might get that myself, actually, just read the reviews and maybe not.
              Monster of the Deep: FFXV is down to $14.95.
              Hustle Kings VR is only $8.95.
              Thumper is $7.55.
              Tethered is $13.45.
              Pyschonauts VR episode is $8.95.

              But if you really want a good recommendation EB Games currently has Battlefront on special for $9 (50% off $18) and if you have that you can get the Rogue One X-Wing mission for free. It allows you to pilot an X-Wing participating in dogfights around an Imperial Destroyer.