Received email from Suncorp Benefits - Not a Suncorp customer?

Hey everyone,

So I received an email tonight from [email protected] for 2 $500 Coles gift cards. I'm not a Suncorp customer so this is really bizzare.

I created an account with my email they've been sent to and logged in, and low and behold there are 2 gift cards for $500 each with full details, number, pin etc. I checked the payment options on the account and there's a credit card their in the name of Cecilia Martin.

It all sounds like a big fishy scam, however the SSL cert checks out, it's Suncorps domain, and the SSL is also registered to some other legit websites.

Anyone have any thoughts as to what this might be?

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  • Something to advise Suncorp about so they can send it to the correct person?

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    Can you PM me the gift card numbers with PIN so I can investigate further please?

  • Anyone have any thoughts as to what this might be?

    Until you've spent the gift cards, it's a cool story.

  • Sure it's not a phish to get your details?

    • Kinda thinking that, as the view order option in the email wasn't to Suncorp, but to an domain, which then redirected to Google store. Weird thing is though the app it linked to is a Suncorp Banking app that looks legitimate

  • I received a text message from Suncorp a few days ago saying something about my account etc.
    As I've never had any dealings with Suncorp, I blocked the number and deleted the text. I just treated it as spam, even tho I rarely get phone spam.
    Not sure if it's related to your email or not

    • I got a text too. It was specifically about my “Suncorp bank account”, of which I do not have. I did the same as you.

    • Yeah got that and also another phishing text purportedly from Commbank. No origin number, just a name. Laughed, then deleted.

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    Hi Chris.

    I have PM'd you.


    Cecilia Martin

  • Pretty sure you've been phished.

    Go into your Suncorp and change your password/login details.

    1. The email address: [email protected] is not a suncorp one; the domain is what matters, and that's a "" domain.

    2. You just said: "the view order option in the email wasn't to Suncorp, but to an domain" - another site that is not Suncorp.

    3. An App can look legitimate all it wants - what is the developer of the app in Google Play Store? If it's not "Suncorp Network", then it's also not a Suncorp App.


    • The email address: [email protected] is not a suncorp one

      No, this is the legitimate email address that giftcards are sent from when purchasing from Suncorp Benefits (I have purchased multiple times).

      OP, I would suggest that Cecilia Martin has either put in the wrong email address for delivery of the cards or there has been some sort of error. Get in contact with Suncorp and don't spend someone elses money.

      • Are you serious? Why? Why would you confuse your customers with stuff like this.

      • Yep my thoughts exactly. My only concern was to ensure this wasn't a phishing email, so thought I'd see if anyone else here knows about it. Don't have any intention of spending the gift cards, wouldn't know where to start with $2,000 worth of Coles / Woolworths cards hah

        • It isn't ideal, but its just the way the eWallet service works. They have white label services with many companies to offer rewards programs and its all the same. The Suncorp App has a gift option where you can type in an email address of the recipient, I wonder if you've been accidently gifted the vouchers. Does it say it was a gift?

      • No, this is the legitimate email address that giftcards are sent from when purchasing from Suncorp Benefits (I have purchased multiple times).

        I can second this - the gift cards I've bought from Suncorp Benefits come from that email address also.

        I'm guessing they've just outsourced their gift card platform to another company. Google came up with the following:

        Suncorp App FAQs
        You can view all your ePurchases in your eWallet under My ePurchases. Open your eGift card and unlock the barcode. You can then redeem your eGift Card by

        But the link is dead at the moment.. technical difficulties. Perhaps related? I believe you'd need to log in to purchase - but I you could probably purchase a gift card for someone else (as a gift). That could be it?

    • That's the thing, the app is from Suncorp Network. The links try to open the Suncorp app when clicking them from the email.

      The domain is linked to Loyalty Corp Australia which is on the actual Suncorp website. I'm actually accessing my account via the Suncorp website, and this shows the gift cards in it.

      I also don't bank with Suncorp, all I did was setup an account online for the reward site, which then lets you link your policies / accounts from Suncorp if you have them (which I don't).

      It's very bizzare.

      • Yeah okay, apparently I'm overly-paranoid haha.

        I don't understand why any major company does this - if "" is valid, people are going to think other strange looking domains (e.g. ""?" are valid too and not check too closely. Bah.

        Also I'm an idiot - you mentioned you're not a suncorp customer so they can't successfully phish your suncorp details anyway. I'm gonna go take a nap I think.

        • It's fine to be paranoid. It's incredibly easy for someone to just go spoof that email so you genuinely think it is from

          • @Clear: Spoofed emails should go straight to spam. You need an ABN to create a domain, so it wouldn't be hard to track down who it is.

            • @OzBargan: They should but don't always. Even with the ABN requirement for it's still possible for it to be forged and websites with them are frequently posted in the forums here asking if they're legit.

              Thankfully we've already determined in OP's case the email is legit and they're not the intended recipient.

  • why not just pick up the phone and call the suncorp fraud department?

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    they're mine

  • It sounds like Cecilia Martin has bought 2 cards and has entered the wrong email address.

  • Also on this subject, Suncorp benefits is open to insurance customers as well, which covers a lot of people who probably aren’t aware they have products through suncorp. I.e GIO, AAMI, APIA, Shannon’s and many more… this may explain why some people have received emails / text messages.

  • anyone able to login to suncorp rewards site? says under maintenance since yesterday

    • Its what you say when you've screwed up. Maintenance does not go for days on end, usually maybe a few minutes of an outage.

  • Anyone having issues with using Snncorp-issued cards? Mine seem to be invalidated at both COles/Woolies!

    • Same issue here. I have tried calling Suncorp a few times today and yesterday but have given up waiting on hold each time so yet to discuss it with them. The fact that the interface to the rewards portal has been down for the last couple of days makes me wonder what has gone wrong.


    Suncorp Benefits has a new home.
    On 30 September 2018, Suncorp Benefits has changed to a new program with new benefits.

    Click the button below to access the new Suncorp Benefits site.

    Clicking the button takes you to, which tells you to install the app …

    • and the App says its closed for maintenance

      Plus any existing Giftcard is invalid at this time. There appears to be an issue at Loyalty Ciorp. I rang Coles gift card group and they confirmed this. Guess its a wait and see issue for the next few days

      Looks like the programmers messed up on the new portal and transfer.

      Given what the OP has posted, I reckon they have probably put all giftcards on hold until the find out what went wrong. They then cancel the wrongly issued cards then reactivate the others - I hope

      • I tried to use my Suncorp issued GCs today at Coles and got the declined message.

        In queue on the phone for the last 15min with Suncorp..

        • Any luck getting to the bottom of this?

          • @OzBrogains: I was told by Suncorp that they are aware of the problem and that they are working to fix it. They don't have a ETA. Was told just to retry using the GC after a few days.

            • @sridhar: rather than "trying" the card and getting a no at the checkout, use the card management site


              A lot easier

              BTW mine still "invalid" at time of this post

              • @RockyRaccoon: Well it’s approaching four days of this clusterf*ck and there’s still no resolution in sight. All cards issued by Suncorp (Coles,Woolies, even physics cards) aren’t working.

                • @OzBrogains: from Suncorp site

                  Important message from Suncorp Benefits: Unfortunately we have been experiencing technical difficulties which meant the platform has been offline. You will now be able to access your previously purchased vouchers. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

                  From Coles Gift card management site

                  Card Type: Coles Supermarkets Digital
                  Below is the status of your card as at Thursday, 4 October 2018.
                  The balance only includes purchases processed and posted to your card. Purchases made within the past 48 hours may not appear.

                  The funds now match what I expected to be on the card

              • @RockyRaccoon: Still says for all my 5 cards of $100 each:

                The Card Number or 4-digit PIN entered is not valid.
                Please re-enter your Card Number and 4-digit PIN.

  • I ordered 6 cards, got them and now they all do not work, suncorp say they are refunding me them into the cards I paid.

    What a pain in the butt!!

    • Just got this email from them:

      Unfortunately, the Suncorp Benefits platform has been offline due to a technical issue. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

      We have reactivated your vouchers and they are available for you to use in the Suncorp Benefits Platform.

      Again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

      If you have any issues, please email us at [email protected].

      Yours sincerely
      Suncorp Benefits Team

      • Mine says different..

        "Unfortunately the Suncorp Benefits platform has been offline due to a technical issue.

        As a result, we’ve had to cancel your vouchers you recently purchased and have organised a refund. This will take approx. 3-5 business days to appear in your account. "

  • Sounds to me somewhere the databases of emails vs sending emails were wrong and thus real gift cards purchased by real people were sent to random emails.

    A huge security risk on the loyalty company managing this for suncorp.

  • The old suncorp benefit site was working fine until they changed it to this new one. They colsed the old site switched over on 27 September 2018 when they advised that it will switch over on 30 September 2018.

    And this new benefit portal only works with the app plus now this big stuff up, I've made a purchase and was sent as a GIFT.
    How embarrassing?! Will suncorp cover for this too?

    Also it will no longer accept AMEX, I entered in the AMEX details and got saved into their system but I couldn't make a payment with it and I cannot delete it.

    This is a SH!T benefits portal, a downgrade from the old one not an upgrade.

    • And this new benefit portal only works with the app

      Not sure what you mean with this comment. I can still order cards via the web on my computer, or at least can put them in my cart, (I dont need a card right now so i haven't taken the next step)