Marshall Headphones Bought 6 Months Back on eBay Turned out to Be Fake

I bought Marshall Monitor Bluetooth headphones from a seller on ebay 6 months back. I found their sound to be not that great compared to another Marshall in-ear headphones that I owned. However, busy in work, I did not really bother much about it. It so happened that my friend bought Marshall Monitor bluetooth headphones from Harvey Norman. I tried them on and I was surprised by their sound quality. They are amazing. This made me realise that I might have bought a fake. Searched online techniques to identify a fake and get few suggestions.Followed them and also got in touch with Marshall who confirmed the ones I bought are fake. The things that made me realise they are fake are

  1. They always use SBC codec to connect to the bluetooth devices instead of APTX even when forced to.
  2. Original Marshall Mode Headphones will have a QR code under the right earcup
  3. The print on the packaging is not clear and feels cheap
  4. There are few spelling mistakes in the documentation on the packaging.
  5. The sound quality was always felt to be bad.

Now when I brought this issue with ebay, they say it is up to the seller to refund my amount as 30 days has already passed after the purchase of the headphones. They suggested in case the seller does not respond or declines to refund, to get in touch with my financial institution. Does anyone has experience in processing a refund for a fake after 6 months of purchase? I am surprised that ebay did not proceed with any actions against the seller for selling fakes as genuine products.

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  • Have you tried to contact sellers?


    is the seller still selling them?

  • He is no longer selling the Marshall Monitor Headphones

  • Paypal have 180 days policy, if you paid with Paypal … open a dispute. If after 180 days, then not much you can do…

  • I was worried about fakes when I bought a pair of shure iem's. I just made sure the ebay seller was linked to a bricks and mortar shop in Australia.

  • I am surprised that ebay did not proceed with any actions against the seller for selling fakes as genuine products.

    What is eBay supposed to do? This is a dispute between the buyer and the seller outside of allowed mbg timeframe.

    EBay have suggested the buyer contact their bank for help. Give them a call and go from there.

    • I saw similar feedback about the seller that the Bose headphones people bought from them turned out to be fake. My question is in general in nature, if ebay takes any actions against sellers who sell counterfeits as original products misleading the customers. Isn't it fraud?

      • I think they would if they get enough reports.

      • Copyright holders may report listings suspected of selling counterfeit items using vero. EBay may close these listings and limit the seller's account if they continue to violate the same or other policies.


    Hi, I think its too late but I've same issue with fake marshall monitor on ebay, which makes me frustrated. It's been too long for ebay to solve the problem so they've suggested me to contact PayPal. After a month waiting for reply by seller but nothing then PayPal refund to me.

    I also reported the issue to Marshall head office.

    • May I know the seller name? The seller who sold me fake headphones simply stopped responding and opened a new store. Ebay did nothing.