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[PS4, XB1] Assassin's Creed Odyssey $67 @ Big W


Big W have Assassins Creed Odyssey for $67 from Friday to Sunday
Seems like a good price for in store stock

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  • Any other good deals in the catalogue OP?

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      Super Mario Party perhaps?

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      Mario Party is there but it was $69 same price as JB
      Nothing else amazing in terms of games

      • damn, thanks for checking

  • Seems like $67 is BigW new early buy price

    • Guessing that Amazon will have it at this price soon. Bonus is that it's delivered.

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        Amazon did $66 last week for FIFA.

        Woolworths Staff Discount 10% Plus Cashrewards EGift Card 5%: $57.28

        Just Cashrewards EGift 5%: $63.65

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        Honestly, I tire from this response.

        The price guarantee only guarantees that if Amazon decide to drop their price, you'll get the lowest price. They do not explicitly price match.

        Here's the official wording:

        "We consistently offer competitive prices on everything we carry; however, the prices on our website are subject to change. While the Amazon.com.au website has accurate pricing information, we don't honour prices or savings posted without our permission on other websites."

        ie. You take a gamble to see if their purchasing officers decide to review pricing and lower it to reflect others in market. A further 5% discount on top via gift cards puts this ahead anyhow..

  • Huh, decent price. Didn't realise it was coming out so soon.

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    • looks like dlc is dead :-.. can't get it

  • Wasn't this $69 at selected retailers on release?

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    Being able to play as Leonidas and see him shout "This is SPARTA!" has a large part to play in the good reviews

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    Its crazy how AAA games are cheaper on console these days. Maybe its time to become a patient gamer. Still haven't bought shadow of the tomb raider.

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      this and shadow of the tomb raider have both been on razer exclusives list. ended up getting odyssey today for about $54 (chained $15 vouchers from overcooked 2 and shadow of the tomb raider)

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        What is this razer list you speak of with vouchers?

          • @nubix: Hmm I am trying to buy it but it says it is unavailable in our country?

            • @ruddiger7: I use VPN to purchase so I can avoid GST, didn't notice this.

              The key was region locked when I tried to redeem it, but it worked with VPN on. Preloading after that worked without VPN.

              Maybe not worth all this trouble if you don't already have the voucher.

              • @nubix: True, couldn't get as good of a deal on PC. Bought from uPlay but redeemed some ubipoints for a 20% off voucher which made it cheaper than all key sites but still expensive at $71

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      Seems to be day one competition from retailers is dragging these prices down big time, I don't understand the business reasons behind it but as a consumer I like it.

  • If anyone works at Woolworths/BWS/Big W, and have a staff discount card, you can get an extra 10% off at Big W. So it would become $60.30 and even cheaper with the 5% off Wish eGift Cards through CashRewards. (I'm not associated with Big W, I'm just a secondary staff card holder as my husband works at Woolworths permanent part-time)

    • For some reason I didn't get staff discount but you do get it online.

  • $68 on gamesmen eBay without the 5% off if you’re too lazy for pick up

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    Played about 2 hours this morning and loving it!

  • I still haven’t finished Origins yet.

  • eBayis $68 and 5% off. $64.60

  • I spent 65 hours on Origin earlier in the year. This game is bigger and I don't know if I can spend 100 hours on another Assassins Creed game so soon. However, wonder if I could finish this before Red Dead 2 comes out!?

    Still have to finish Spider-Man as well.

  • will buy when collector's edition gets $50 mark down this blackfriday at EB

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    Got it today from EB games

    EB games sticker price was $99.95
    Price match bigw $67
    3 games trade in with 50% birthday bonus (Knack, Far Cry Primal, and For Honor for $37.95 credit)

    So paid $29.05 on PS4

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