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Free 250ml Coke No Sugar with Vanilla (Expired), 10% off Catch $25 and $50 Gift Cards @ 7-Eleven via Fuel Lock App


free vanilla coke, 10% off catch $25 and $50 gift cards via app @ 7 eleven


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  • not as good as the original but still pretty good c:

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    Why do we no longer have the 3 x free coffee's evey month
    Normal coffee, iced coffee and coffee melt.

    • Lock in for a normal coffee, iced coffee tasted terrible anyway but miss the free coffee melt :(

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        Those were in summer so hopefully then!

  • 600ml Rasberry Pepsi Max was free yesterday. Discovered offer too late to be worth posting. Grabbed one around 6pm - didn't like it much.

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      Someone posted it yesterday, went to collect mine and dodgy staff supposedly 'got the last one'. Surprisingly 5 hours after midnight full stock. Made sure to collect my free vanilla coke early before the staff 'sold out' of the item.

      • You are correct - posted at 00:29 while I slept😴
        I was surprised to find plenty in stock at 6pm.

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    I went to multiple 7-Elevens yesterday, all of them had magically no stock of Pepsi.
    Not going to bother this time.

    • How does the individual store lose out to these deals? I thought 7/11 would take the hit?

      • I asked the store I got mine from(first time claiming one of these deals) and they said Head Office re-reimburses them. I dont know if it is at RRP, or store cost to break even though.

        It is my understanding this is the same at Dominos, and almost all other places that are franchised.

        Having got mine, I will say in the years(many) that I last had a no sugar drink, they still have not managed to get rid of that awful aftertaste.

    • I went to a 7-Eleven near Surry Hills in Sydney yesterday around noon and managed to find a Pepsi Max Raspberry. But I agree with you that most of the time I can't find any stock for those 'free' food / drink.

  • Quite a few Coke Vanillas at Marsden Park.

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    Free Coke expired now? Not showing up for me anymore can someone else confirm?

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      Confirmed Expired

    • Yep. Weeks of no stock and magically yesterday Parramatta gets stock after it expired.

      I ended up emailing corporate and they gave me free credit in the app and will escalate my complaint. 7 Eleven Australia is sh*t.

    • not expired. they just took it off the app.

      if you had a screen shot, it will work.

      i used my screen shot yesterday

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